eco friendly clothing made with Tencel is a huge hit

Earlier this year we introduced a men’s dress shirt by Bugatchi Uomo made with Tencel. It’s been a huge hit. In softness it is equal to or better than the much loved modal rayon blends. It has great moisture management and is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin.

Bugatchi Uomo men's solid color tencel shirt

TENCEL® absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere. Nanofibrils are the key to the performance possibilities of TENCEL®. Traditionally,  natural products breathe more so they keep you cooler than man made fabrics. Key factors to making Tencel clothing keep you cool:

  1. Natural cooling
  2. Nanofibrils
  3. Outstanding moisture management 
  4. Inhibits bacteria growth

Tencel is on the left, Polyester on the right.

TENCEL® for sensual Smoothness

Smoothness across the board. A comparison of the fiber surfaces makes the difference patently obvious. TENCEL® fiber has a smoother and more supple surface than wool or cotton. Wool tends to have a scaly surface, while cotton is irregular and rough.




Reassuring Results for Sensitive Skin

TENCEL® is a godsend for anyone with sensitive skin. The combination of a smooth fiber surface and excellent moisture absorption creates a positive environment for healthy skin, making TENCEL® ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

According to recent dermatological studies, wearing clothing made of TENCEL® significantly improves comfort and promotes a feeling of well being.* (Dermatological study of the textile compatibility of TENCEL®, 2004, Univ.-Prof. Dr. T.L. Diepgen, Heidelberg, Germany) Also, TENCEL® is chemical free, an important factor for sensitive skin and another asset in comparison to other fibers of a natural origin.

Click here for more details about Tencel from Lenzing.

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