It’s golf tournament time- are you ready?

From the Fairway
By Christine Speedy

It’s golf tournament time- are you ready?

May kicks off the biggest charity golf tournament schedule of the year, with golf courses willing to make deals to keep the courses full after the snowbirds leave town. It’s also time for seeding and other course maintenance; so if you are a tournament host, verify again your course will be in playable condition since sometimes these schedules can change.

Golf is a game of honor…although if you listen to the chatter, laughs, and whining after a typical round at a charity tournament, you wonder if there is anyone at all who plays by the rules. Or who even knows the rules. Some tournaments, people just want to have fun and taking that improved lie from the rough is just part of their game. Or maybe they just ‘forgot’ how many mulligan’s they used up. For others, adhering to the strict rules of golf is part of the game.

Maybe it’s the amount of money invested (from zero to $2500) that drives the honesty factor, but I don’t think so. I think in large part it stems from how players play their weekly game. How frequently do you play every ball as it lies vs. giving yourself an improved lie since it’s only for fun? I’ve seen some guys who roll the ball with their club ON EVERY SHOT to get it to set up right. They don’t change their game at tournament time. Then there is the player who is having a great game, but has a few bad shots. “I’m not counting that one.” Do you see the trend?

Regardless of your weekly game with buddies, in tournaments players need to be mindful of the rules. Enjoy yourself and play any way you want. But if you turn in a scorecard to contend as a winner, make sure you are signing the card with an honest score. You may not win, but at least no one will be talking about how you cheat either.

Local event: March 20 – 23 PGA World Golf Championships-CA Championship Doral Golf Resort & Spa

Christine Speedy is CEO of and an Executive Women’s Golf Assn. member.
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