How to choose the best golf umbrella

How do you choose the best golf umbrella? There are at least six critical characteristics to look for. We’ve recommended the 62″ Windbrella as the best of the best for many years. In fact, I still use the same Windbrella as when I wrote my first article and video on this subject. This article uses images from two promotional product umbrella’s that I’ve had for 10 years. The private label umbrella is a back up for my kids. It has a few broken parts and you’ll see why as we compare umbrella quality. Both of these would retail for over $35.

6 elements to look for:

  1. Construction- choose fiberglass
  2. Double canopy- won’t blow inside out
  3. Closing Grip- your hand should be able to fit on the closing mechanism without overhang, a primary cause of pinch accidents.
  4. Handle- A wider diameter grip is easier to hold for longer periods.
  5. Warranty- lifetime manufacturer
  6. Auto-open- handsfree is a must

Tips to help you discern differences between brands:

Size: 62″ is the most popular size for any level golfer from amateur to professional. A pro golfer who huddles under the umbrella with his caddy may opt for the 68″ umbrella when the weather is expected to be blustery and horrible. The 62″ covers the typical golfer need, covering you and your bag. There’s plenty of room for someone else to join you. The 68 inch is harder to find and due to it’s added size, may be just a bit more than you really need.

Double Canopy– I wouldn’t bother buying one without this if you have any kind of windy conditions where you golf. The right double canopy construction will prevent the umbrella from blowing inside out, and sometimes also helps prevent it from blowing away if you set it down while taking your swing. Not all umbrella’s with a double canopy construction perform the same.  I have two units. They look pretty similar, they feel almost the same, but they perform WAY differently. For example, the ‘backup’ unit that someone gave me, and I loan to others on occasion, has some minor broken elements even though it’s hardly ever used. Look for the umbrella with fewer parts on the double canopy. Look at the two below. The extra parts on the top umbrella are all to make up for what it lacks in durable construction.

golf umbrella red and white
I wish I had a photo of the double canopy umbrella that literally broke into pieces on a gusty day. Alas, I tossed the pieces into the next trash can. It looked something like this red and white umbrella, but with a double canopy.

golf umbrella private label

windbrella golf umbrella double canopy sturdy

umbrella canopy top
Double canopy top on private label umbrella.
62 inch windbrella double canopy top
62" Windbrella double canopy top

Warranty– A Lifetime warranty is offered on the best. If it doesn’t have one, why not?

Pinchless closing– Who hasn’t gotten pinched in their lifetime? While many brands tout how theirs works, I’ve tried them. A top reason I choose Windbrella ® over the Gustbuster® is this very feature. Image below is Windbrella and Private Label. Your whole hand should be able to cover whatever you grasp to close the umbrella. Cheaper umbrella’s your hand will cover the grip and a whole lot more.

golf umbrella-inside construction
Private label golf umbrella-unknown manufacturer.

windbrella 62 golf umbrella inside

Am I prejudice about umbrella brands? Yes, I am. I’ve tried lots of them. I’ve had my hand pinched to the point of drawing blood. I’ve watched an umbrella get decimated by strong gust of wind, in Florida no less. I tried one popular brand with a nice wooden handle. It weighed so much, I was tired of it just testing it indoors. When given a choice, people will jokingly argue over who gets the Windbrella and who gets the other brand.

As a promotional product, it’s a great executive gift. Add your logo free with any purchase of 24 or more.  You can order this as a private label brand for your company too.

The 62″ Windbrella is made in black, burgundy, hunter and tan, red and white, red and black checkerboard, black and white checkerboard, navy, black and tan, hunter, white, burgundy and tan, navy and white,  royal blue and white,  and UV solarteck.

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    1. I’m not sure. The physical diameter is about 2.75″ without squishing it. The 62 golf umbrella length is 39″. If the diameter is too small, the other choices would be the single canopy, same length or the Georgetown folder, which opens to a pretty big size for a folding umbrella.

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