logo golf balls

Logo golf balls are expected at golf tournaments. But are they the best value for your promotion or branding? This is very subjective, but let’s face it. Golf ball gifts fall into these categories:

The tournament goodie bag gift. You’ll buy anything just so you can stuff the bag because everyone needs golf balls. This philosophy is best for lower end tournaments with entry fees of under $200. The Nike Juice 312 logo golf balls fits the bill at around $25 per dozen, or you can even find under $20 with some Callaway golf balls. If you stick with a name brand, almost anyone will use the golf balls.

But here’s a tip. Don’t buy Titleist DT golf balls for your celebrity or executive golf tournament. Go big or go different. What I mean is, splurge for the Titleist Pro V1 or pick a golf ball that the recipient might not know as much about. When you play Titleist, you generally know the other balls in the product line, and you know which ones you definitely don’t want to play. I find a larger percentage of executive players prefer the Titleist Pro V1. If you give them a DT ball, they are just as likely to ignore it until they don’t have any other balls in the bag, or give it away. In any case, your company name will always be associated with that ‘cheaper ball I don’t like’. Bridgestone has a good reputation and growing interest. If you want to slash the budget, you can give Bridgestone E6+ LOGO golf balls or Bridgestone Tour B330-RX LOGO golf balls. The Bridgestone is a sneaky pick. The person may think ” I’ve always wanted to try one” or “I’ve been hearing great things about Bridgestone”. In any case, it’s highly unlikely they will conjure NEGATIVE feelings which you want to avoid. And by the way, there is a whole wave of golfers switching to Titleist, especially in Arizona so it’s a winner.

The keeper gift. I’ve gotten a few of these. Eventually I use them and lose them, but I keep them around a lot longer because of sentimental value. For example, I’ve hung onto Syracuse alumni, Miami Dolphins, and Oak Hill Country Club Golf balls. I know I can get more so I eventually I didn’t care. Add a date or event name with a special logo, and you may have a ball that will go on a ‘golf ball wall’. That’s one of those special cabinets with spots to add a golf ball in each cubby hole. Lot’s of serious golfers have these for special keepsake balls.

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The one reason not to give away golf balls? They don’t last! Golf balls will eventually get lost in most cases. If giving golf balls, I recommend finding another permanent way to also reach the recipient if your promotional gift is part of a serious effort to connect with the recipients. The reality is golf balls are appreciated when it’s the right ball for the audience so this is a gift that will continue for all time. I’d rather receive a great golf ball than a cheap tee & plastic marker set that I won’t use.

Personally, I play with personalized golf balls all the time, as well as the logo golf balls people give me. I pay about the same for my custom balls as for regular ones. I put my domain name on every ball. If someone finds a golf ball that says CEOGOLFSHOP.COM there’s a good chance they may look me up!