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Loudmouth golf grips links for putter and wedges

Our last article on Loudmouth custom golf grips only linked to one item. We have both pistol putter and wedge grips in over 20 colors. You can buy each grip type in every color.

What’s a pistol grip? It’s an oval shaped grip. Some putters may have a flat side and these would not be a good fit for that.

loudmouth golf grips colors

All Loudmouth grips can be ordered for either a pistol putter or a wedge style.

The grip is currently only approved for select Loudmouth styles. See our online shop for the latest selections. We’ll offer any new designs as they become available.

Are these like my regular black wrap golf grips? No. The grip is a patented see-through polymer that has a nice tacky feel. Thousands of these grips are in use by major corporations, golf pros, and celebrities. That’s enough proof for me that though they are different, users like them- A LOT.

Do you offer quantity discounts? For grips only, call for pricing for over 24 units. Loudmouth grips are free with select golf clubs, or can be purchased as an optional item and installed free with any Mel Factor club order.

Will you put the grip on my golf club? No. We put on clubs we sell only.

Do I need to go to a pro shop to put on? No special equipment is needed so if you’re handy, go for it. Your local pro shop or country club will put it on for you for a nominal fee, usually $5-7, just like any other grip. If you do it yourself, put your club in a vise to hold in place while you apply the grip. It makes it quick and easy. Unless you have experience with grips, our recommendation is to go to a pro shop. The application process is the same as typical grips, with the extra steps needed to add your loudmouth insert.

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