Bugatchi paisley and flower polo shirts

Bugatchi polo shirts change seasonally with Fall / Winter and Spring/ Summer collections. Paisley polo’s may be offered for one, both, or neither season each year.  Past, current and upcoming seasonal collections include several flower patterns. These patterns are often very subtle, sometimes only visible with the light catches it the right way, all part of the Bugatchi forward style.

Bugatchi paisley polo shirt



Bugatchi paisley polo
Bugatchi polo VCF3501F59 ORCHID. 100% mercerized cotton. Also made in navy and coral.
Bugatchi RF3300F59 PLUM polo shirt
Bugatchi RF3300F59 PLUM polo shirt
bugatchi mercerized polo shirt
Bugatchi mercerized knit TCF3502F59 plum, also made in taupe and wine. 100% mercerized cotton.
Bugatchi polo navy RCF3503F59,
Bugatchi polo navy RCF3503F59, 100% mercerized cotton
bugatchi mercerized polo
Bugatchi men’s polo 100% mercerized cotton, ACF3503F59 midnight. Preorder for Fall 2015 in variety of colors.



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