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Who makes the best golf shirts?

Who makes the best golf shirts? The answer is very subjective, but based on CEO and executive feedback, the top brand is probably Fairway & Greene.

Let’s look a little deeper. Moisture wicking or cotton golf shirts? Your climate, fitness, and other factors all affect what is the best golf shirt for you, so there is no single answer. Here are some all-time favorite choices for those wanting to add logo embroidery to their golf shirts:

Fairway & Greene- Fairway and Greene solid lisle golf shirt. Double mercerized.

Bugatchi Uomo – Bugatchi golf polo shirt. This is a very lightweight fabric made of Egyptian cotton. Some love it, some think it’s too light. Triple mercerized.

Red Rock- best value golf polo shirt. This 100% Pima interlock cotton is out of this world soft and feels great to wear. At about half price of the name brands, this is our most popular shirt for corporate apparel, promotional events and golf tournaments.

The list above reflects the best golf shirts with logo embroidery that our executive audience prefers. The best golf shirt for other needs will obviously vary. We’ve left out tons of other brands. This list comes from years of experience and listening to customers whether they purchased from us or from someone else. Nike, Adidas, Tehama and Cutter and Buck do not make our short list for this specific purchase type.

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Golf clothes

Are people buying complete outfits for golf only or are they buying golf clothes that they can wear for every day casual too?

I think the trend for men is to buy clothes that crossover for almost everything. Then a few select pieces in the wardrobe are golf only. For the ladies, almost everything has been golf only, with some golf clothes that crossover to casual sportswear. The complete opposite. I think we’ll see a more balanced wardrobe for ladies in the future where maybe half of their golf clothes are now worn for other activities.

This is an important trend in the industry because the manufacturer that meets the demand best will have bigger marketshare in a declining economy.

Bugatchi Uomo has done a tremendous job of offering both types of apparel. They are the king of sportswear in my opinion because you can find the unusual and you can also buy the classics. It’s easier to expand your clothes within the brand than it is to go out and try all different brands, each with different fits.

Golf Outerwear

A few months back the President of Sunderland of Scotland USA distribution asked if we’d carry their products. Personally, I’d never heard of them. The President said they were huge in Europre and rattled off a bunch of names I did know, both on tour, and the famous courses.

I did some research and determined that they certainly do have the best, or certainly a top contender, golf outerwear. I want three things from my golf outerwear above all else. It needs to be quiet. I have some nice shells, but I don’t like wearing anything unless I absolutely have to because I don’t want to hear any swish swish of my clothes on my back swing or follow through. It needs to keep me dry. I don’t like anything bulk or that restricts the swing movement. Sunderland golf outerwear solves all these problems with their patented technology.