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Plaid golf shorts and plaid golf pants

Plaid golf shorts and plaid golf pants are very popular this year. We offer several brands at
nicklaus plaid golf shorts

The Nicklaus plaid golf shorts are a great value at $65. We also have plaid shorts by Fairway & Greene and Ian Poulter, though not all items are online.

You’ll probably want a white polo shirt to go with your plaid pants. We have a 24 shirt minimum with Fairway & Greene, but we have Bugatchi Uomo, and our own brand of Pima Cotton interlock golf shirts that are a nice match and can be purchased in single units. Ian Poulter shirts will be moving to a 24 unit minimum starting June 1.

Lenzing Group Fiber price increases as from Q4

Lenzing Group Fiber price increases as from Q4


Against the background of continued high energy, raw material and chemical costs Lenzing Group sees itself forced to raise the fiber prices in the fourth quarter of 2008. The price increases affect the whole range of fibers and will average between 7% and 10% depending on the different types of fibers.

With the already low fiber prices, the exorbitant costs on the energy, raw material and chemical side cannot be bolstered anymore. For this reason, an increase in fiber prices in the fourth quarter of 2008 is inevitable.

Tencel clothing for sensitive skin

Bugatchi Uomo offers several Tencel clothing products, which are particularly appealing for those with sensitive skin. Tencel is trademark of Lenzing fibers.

Bugatchi Uomo men's solid color tencel shirt Bugatchi Tencel men’s shirt,

Pleated pants,

more pleated pants

Studies have shown that 50% of women and 40% of men testify to having a sensitive skin. The rise in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis is alarming. Sensitive skin reacts particularly quickly to heat and cold as well as to physical and chemical irritations. This results in a reddening of the skin, itchiness and skin irritations. TENCEL® has the ability to help people with sensitive skin. The cellulose fiber is gentle to the skin and ensures a natural feeling of well-being. The combination of the following properties: moisture management, a cooling effect and a smooth fiber surface, prevents skin irritations and helps to maintain the balance of the skin.

Compared with cotton, TENCEL® feels much cooler when the temperature rises due to the particularly smooth surface and the high moisture uptake.

In particular people with sensitive skin frequently suffer in warm temperatures. Independent studies
have revealed that a cooling effect has a positive influence on one’s well-being.

Studies have proven that wearing TENCEL® clothes can lead to a significant improvement in well-being. A smooth fiber surface, thermal regulation and a high moisture absorption all favor a positive skin climate. Furthermore, textiles containing chemicals negatively effect particularly sensitive skin. TENCEL® is naturally pure and not burdened with chemicals.


33 children (2 – 12 years old) who suffer from neurodermatitis tested sleep suits of 100% TENCEL®.
Study by Dr. Imke König, Stegersbach, Austria (fig. 01)

30 patients each with neurodermatitis and psoriasis compared commercially available clothing of TENCLE® with the clothes they had previously worn in the framework of a “wear test”. Tests on the textile compatibility of TENCEL®,
Univ. Prof. Dr. T.L. Diepgen, University of Heidelberg, Germany (fig. 02)

For more details about Tencel for sensitive skin, please see the Lenzing Fibers web site.