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What are Titleist high number golf balls?

What does high number golf balls mean? The numbers are 5, 6, 7, 8.  They’re boxed three balls to a sleeve, one box of each number. The numbers are used to help players identify which ball is theirs and have no other meaning.high number golf balls

A standard pack of golf balls is 1, 2, 3, 4.  For a premium price, other ball number options are all one number (between one and nine) and double digit.  All special number golf balls are only available through authorized sellers.

Many serious players and “A” type personalities like to have a non-standard ball numbers to be different. Ordering non-standard numbers on golf balls for gifts can make the recipient feel a bit more special.

CEOgolfshop offers high number Titleist 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls for about the same price as retail store regular number balls.

All golf balls include free custom imprinting with up to three lines of text personalized message. The same ball number service options are available for custom logo balls.

2013 Titleist Pro V1x LOGO golf balls Link to buy 2013 Titleist custom logo Pro V1 golf balls , low 6 dozen minimum.

Link to buy  2013 Titleist custom personalized Pro V1 golf balls, low 2 dozen minimum.

Best Golf Umbrella 2013

What is the best golf umbrella? Three reasons why I prefer the Windbrella brand are outlined below. I’ve reported on this before and it’s worth repeating again. My favorite golf umbrella is the 62 inch golf umbrella by Windbrella, with an auto open button. Tested in tough weather, this is by far the best golf umbrella I’ve ever owned. It has NEVER turned inside out. I’ve had one for over 10 years and it’s still like new. It’s big enough for my kids to walk under with me across a parking lot or to cover me and my golf bag on the course. EVERYONE who ever uses this umbrella ( I have two) makes a comment about what a nice feel it has. The 68 inch is made equally as well, however, to use for more than golf, I think the 62 size is a better size for everyday personal use.

Here’s 3 reason’s why this golf umbrella is better than others:

  1. Closing the umbrella without pinching a finger. Others claim to be pinchless but I’ve still pinched my finger on them.
  2. Construction detail. From the stitching elements to the webbing, there’s no cheap plastic parts to break. I’ve never had a customer request a claim with the lifetime warranty yet.
  3. It’s lighter. Maybe not a lot, but it’s noticeable.

Customers tell us over and over again, it’s the best golf umbrella they’ve ever had. Usually the only reason they’re buying another one is because they lost theirs or they’re buying as gift for someone else. The online store has this umbrella at a special low price so you can order just one, before you order a 100’s for your future events. As you order more, we give you more free imprinting options.

windbrella 62 golf umbrella inside

best golf umbrella 62

Specifications: 11 colors to choose from, plus solartech, the UV umbrella.

Buy online:

Best Golf umbrella- 62 inch Windbrella Oversized Golf Umbrella


Custom Logo 62 inch Windbrella Ovesized Golf Umbrella

Windbrella 62″ Solarteck Golf umbrella

About Windbrella: Windbrella is a manufacturer of world-class umbrella’s. Windbrella offers dozens of colors and styles for every need to keep dry. Often imitated, but never successfully, there is no match to the patented designs of a Windbrella.


CEOgolfshop, specializes in volume orders for promotional products and executive gifts. While most companies carry only a few colors, CEOgolfshop offers the entire line of each brand, so when a customer falls in love with a brand, they have the most choices. is an authorized online retailer for the entire Windbrella line. Addtionally, CEOgolfshop sells and manufacturers wholesale to the trade, ASI, and retail buyers.  Private label manufactured Windbrella’s are available. The privately held company currently sells throughout North America and seven countries, either directly or through its affiliates to executives, tournament directors, marketing directors, retail buyers and consumers.




What is a gingham style shirt?

Gingham is a printed or dyed fabric known for its checked patterns of white with a color. The size of the checks can vary, but they’re usually even size.  The check pattern is formed by horizontal and vertical stripes (usually of the same color) that cross each other on a white background. When the vertical weave crosses a hortizontal weave, a more intense color results at the intersection.

Here are examples of Bugatchi Uomo gingham shirts in stock 2013.

gingham shirts


Gingham originates from genggang, meaning striped. The fabric style originated as a striped pattern in the 17th century when it was imported to Europe. It was woven into a check pattern in Manchester England during the mid-18th century, with blue and white being the most popular.

Gingham is made of carded or combed, medium or fine yarns, where the colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain (weft).  Gingham tends to be lighter, usually made of cotton, and comprised of simple patterns. Ginghams are similar to plaids, however, they’re always woven while plaid patterns can be dyed after the fabric is woven.

Bugatchi Uomo has elevated the gingham shirt to a new level of sophistication. In addition to vibrant colors, all the shirts have contrast cuffs and inside collar.