CEO golf shop shipping fees promotion code coupon has free shipping on most products through October 31, 2010. Enter promotion code “10shipOCT” withouth the quotes at checkout.

A big shout out to Mike from NH. Thanks for bringing a shipping calculation error for certain types of orders to our attention. Mike’s order quoted overnight shipping at $105 for just two apparel items. We try to pass on shipping costs, not make a profit so there was obviously something wrong.  Additionally our standard flat rate shipping of $10, which applies to most orders, did not appear for Mike.

We found the problem, corrected it and gave Mike free shipping as a big thanks. Until the end of the month just enter the coupon code 10shipOCT (case sensitive) and you’ll get free shipping too, if your order qualifies for our $10 flat rate shipping program.

What items qualify for flat rate shipping? All orders under 10 lbs. This is most apparel orders.

What doesn’t qualify? Golf balls, luggage, golf bags.  These products usually have their own flat rate fees or free shipping, and ship direct from the factory.  Volume orders of any item can be heavy and don’t qualify our flat rate program.

Why don’t we offer FREE SHIPPING all the time like some other sites?  For one reason, we’re not a monstrous public company so we don’t have their buying power. At $10, 98% of the time we’re losing money on shipping. We prefer to keep product prices lower so that when you buy many pieces, you’ll save more money vs. inflating prices on every item to make up for the losses on shipping.

If you shop in our store and see something that doesn’t seem quite right, give us a call or email so we cna better serve you, and everyone else too. Thanks!

Christine Speedy, CEO

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