Is your child golfing this summer?

From the Fairway, By Christine Speedy published in print July 2008.

Is your child golfing this summer?

Don’t miss Take Your Daughter to the Course Week, July 7 – 13, 2008. My daughter and I played in this event in NY last year. Free golf, free food, the kids can drive the golf carts, and it’s very low key. It’s a great experience to build your daughters interest in golf. Also, they are usually flexible if an adult outside the family takes the young girl. The main objective is to get the girls out to play.

How do you evaluate golf camps? Please don’t just put your child in any camp without first finding out the certifications of those who are teaching. A child can be molded to swing the club in just about any fashion. And just like adults, it’s can be very hard to change their swing after it has been developed. If your child shows an interest in learning the game after a few times practicing with the family, and maybe even a few clinics at the local muni, I recommend investing in some more serious training if you can afford it. Again, it’s much better to build on a good foundation, than spend years fixing what they initially learned. Kids have exceptional swing memory.

I don’t know anything at all about this group- United States Golf Teachers Federation- but I do know they offer a home certification course that can be done in a weekend. PGA Golf Instructors have to undergo a more rigorous program, including rules of the game certification, and that should be your starting place.

Local recommendations:
Delray Beach Golf Club – BEST VALUE- Low to Moderate- specializes in kids
Heron Bay Golf Club*- moderate to expensive.
Inverrary Golf Club*- Barry Goldstein-expensive- I’ve seen the results – his young students include scratch players!
The Deer Creek Golf Club*
* Lessons include video analysis

Look up the nearest event near you at
Jr golf Links American Jr. Golf Assn.
LPGA-USGA Girls Golf

Christine Speedy is CEO of and an Executive Women’s Golf Assn. member.