Custom Luxury Hotel Guest Umbrella

There’s plenty of cheap private label umbrella options, but when you need an umbrella that matches the quality of your brand, you need CEOgolfshop custom umbrella’s, manufactured to our specification by Windbrella.  With the quality of a Mercedes (a customer), we have a full line of luxe umbrella choices from fashion with rounded handle to the famous golf umbrella.

With more choices than ever, you can put your hotel, beach, resort, or famous golf hole image on the inside or outside of your umbrella. Create a collage or use a single image. Use a single color for the opposite side, or multiple colors.


The choice is yours. Windbrella is famous for their globally patented quality, and all include a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Unexpected rain? What kind of experience do you want your guests to remember? A cheaply made umbrella that cost a lot in your gift shop or pro shop, or a well made umbrella that they’ll love? Starting with grip and the auto open whoosh, our umbrella’s will immediately make a positive impression with your hotel and resort guests. The image you choose will add a lifetime of memories.

I still use my first Windbrella, a gift from over 12 years ago, and have fond memories of my children and I in torrential rain running together under it, as well as the original event in which I received it. The logo on that umbrella? It’s from a non-profit, Jr Achievement of South Florida, and I’m a regular supporter.


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