Windbrella custom umbrella catalog

The Windbrella custom umbrella catalog is updated and ready for immediate download. Windbrella makes the best golf umbrella and gift umbrella in our opinion;  the others just don’t measure up. The 62″ golf umbrella with pinchless auto open and close is a BEST SELLER.

This link has been updated to the current year catalog, whether 2016, 2017 or beyond.
windbrella umbrella catalog

Windbrella Umbrella Catalog

We recommend this brand most frequently because they are simply the best umbrella’s of all the brands I’ve ever looked at and carried.  They even make umbrella’s for other companies, including CEO golf shop, that sell under their brand name. You can find a cheaper umbrella. You can find other umbrella’s that claim to be the best. But you’ll be hard pressed to find one that is truly better.

I don’t know every style in every brand. I’m very familiar with the 62 inch and 68 inch oversize golf umbrella’s. I golf and I also like a big umbrella for walking into places with more than one person. There are 2 major performance benefits:

1. Performance and durability- I used during pre-hurricane weather and it held up like a champ. My first umbrella is now 9 years old and virtually like new despite everyone in th the family wanting to use the Windbrella over any other brand in our home.

2. Quality-  Even the logo imprinting has lasted 9 years. When’s the last time you gave a gift that advertised  your company for 9 years?! How’d you like to have  your name associated with something so great that  people fight (jokingly) over to use because they like it so much?

3. Easy to open and close. Getting pinched is simply not an option, unlike other supposedly pinchless designs.

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