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2021 small business crm review

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The best CRM for small businesses varies by user need. For example, how many people will use it, customized fields of what to track, and whether automation is needed. My review reflects specific needs. If yours match, this will be a great CRM resource for you.

Author’s criteria for vendor selection:

  1. Under $100 per user per month
  2. No fees for the number of contacts
  3. Email from within CRM
  4. OSx App supports click to call and automatically updates the contact that a call was made.
  5. Phone app & cloud CRM in sync in real time
  6. Dynamic filtering
  7. Custom search saves
  8. Custom user roles
  9. Strong security and privacy. Not having a GDPR statement would eliminate them because that would mean not they’re not keeping up.
  10. Export data

Things that are not needed:

  • No need to get paid from CRM or ecommerce store

CRM’s that do meet my criteria and why:

  1. Cheap, current GDPR, free for 2 users, looks scalable. Says focus is B2B, same as me. Dig deeper.
  2. Daylite- compares itself to the big boys like hubspot and salesforce. Very affordable at $29.99 per user per month. Features interaction tracking, calendar and reminders, list management, email templates, deal pipelines, project management, task management, files and documents, and more. Use Daylite hands-free on the go using Siri- Cool! your payment will be processed by Recurly, Inc. (“Recurly”), Bright Market LLC d/b/a FastSpring (“FastSpring”) and Bambora Inc. (“Bambora”, with Recurly, FastSpring, and Bambora collectively referred to as the “Third Party Processors
  3. EngageBay- $29.99 per user per month, 50,000 Contacts 25,000 Branded Emails, first plan to offer call records
  4. Salesmate- Powerdialer only with Boost $40 per user per month, email metrics & other only with growth $24/ user per month. Yes, email tracking. No email scheduling; Integration via IMAP,. Make and receive calls/texts in Salesmate by purchasing local and toll-free numbers starting at $1.1/month. Once you enable the phone feature, you can always top up your credits. Check calling rates / SMS rates.

CRM’s that do not meet my criteria and why:

  1. Keap- 500 contacts, 1 user for $79/mth at full price. $430 for 2 users and 20,000 contacts after introductory promo.
  2. MethodCRM- it’s a Quickbooks plugin. No need and for B2B I’d be surprised if it worked the way I’d like.
  3. Kintone- minimum 5 users @$24 per user per month; large company, customize the way you want, well built out.
  4. Zoho- From 3 users for free; $40 gives you the AI that helps predict best time to call prospects. Integrates chat, phone, facebook conversations all to the prospect. Zoho Powerdialer is extra; phoneburner app is $140 per month per user. Data enrichment and other power features are only in the $40/mth plan. Bigin looks like a good low cost entry at $7/mth. Create Zoho account and then sign up for Zoho crm or Bigin or both.

These CRM’s are worth trying:

EngageBay- FREE 1000 Contacts 1000 Branded Emails.

In conclusion, after testing several options, we went with ZOHO CRMzoho crm. It’s met all requirements and as a bonus, had used this in the past some years ago. is a wholesale and retail distributor of luxury brands, including Fairway & Greene, Club Glove and Windbrella umbrella’s, for corporate, resort, and end-user. CEOgolfshop is based in South Florida, between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, FL. Online store