Custom golf balls

Customized golf balls are not all alike. Some companies sell golf balls that have imprinting at the golf ball manufacturer. Some have their own imprinting service. At CEOgolfshop we only sell golf balls that are customized at the factory.  Our customers tell us the others are not as good. The imprinting isn’t as nice or it comes off where the ball is struck.

We offer two kinds of custom golf balls- personalized and logo golf balls. We sell all the top brands, but only the most popular are online to buy.  Call for custom packaging and other ball options you don’t see online.


  • No set up charge
  • Low shipping
  • Factory imprinting
  • 4 color logo standard, not extra
  • We offer unique ball numbers from single digit to double digittitleist custom golf balls
  • Link to buy our custom golf balls online.

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