C-Thru Grips Official Licensed Products? Buyer Beware

According to C-Thru Grips  web site, they offer “officially licensed” golf grips.  But are they officially licensed? No.  Consumers wanting to protect American jobs should avoid purchasing counterfeit goods.

Here’s the claim: “We offer a wide variety of customized label designs to fit everyone’s needs including officially licensed product from the NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA. We also offer the Armed Forces, United Nations, Corporate Custom, and custom labels that are sure to add an innovative design to your golf grips.”

NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, Armed Forces, and the United Nations logos and marks are officially protected by trademark law.

CEOgolfshop offers a competitive golf grip. Buyers can only submit artwork for which they have permission to use. For example, while we don’t have the various military logo licenses,  members of the armed forces can request logos to be used on products for their noncommercial use.  As long as permission is granted through their command channels, we can use the logos supplied. We frequently produce custom golf bags and grips for retiring military personnel.

Colleges can request a custom grip or any custom product with their logo, even if a license does not exist, as long as it’s their property to manage (some universities have the NCAA manage all use of their logo on goods); students cannot. Students and alumni can submit their own designs. For example, many alumni clubs have an official logo approved by the university.

Downloading logos from the internet does not constitute permission, and is often a sign that the individual does not have the rights to use a logo.

For officially licensed NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA golf grips, visit the organization web sites and the official team stores. In retail, all authentic goods will have a hologram or the latest measure to ensure consumers are not buying counterfeit goods.

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