Choosing the right golf ball tip of the year

Titleist ran wordy two-page spread in Golf World last week, “The facts about golf ball performance and fitting.” It’s a great ad. Rather than expound about specific golf ball differences, the most important take away is that you need to hit the same golf ball ALL THE TIME, not just whatever is in your bag.

Removing swing speed as the defining element many players use to choose a golf ball, the ad explains that even tour pros shoot at lower swing speeds for mid and short iron shots. A critical factor then, is finding a golf ball that reacts the way you expect it to on approach shots. High performance golf balls like the Titleist PRO V1 and ProV1x are designed to perform for ALL players for ALL swing speeds on ALL shots.  The key to lower scores is better approach shots that put your ball closer to the pin. There are significant performance differences in golf balls on wedge shots due to ball spin differences. If you play different golf balls all the time, how do you know how your ball will react on the green when you hit it correctly?

Practice using the same ball over and over again. Choose one you like, then donate all your other balls to a local kids golf camp.  Read more about the Titleist approach to ball fitting on their web site or visit your local pro shop.

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