See through golf grips comparison – Showtime vs C-THRU

The transparent golf grip market is heating up between two manufacturers. Showtime grips, formerly I-SEE grips, a Florida based company, offers patented putter and tour wrap golf grips, as well as other sports grips. C-THRU offers ten different golf grips.


I wouldn’t install my own golf grips, would you? You could do it at home, but let’s look at how the pros install them. Any grip installer can install Showtime golf grips using the same materials they use for other grip brands. C-THRU grips are installed with hair spray, and an air compressor.

Showtime youtube installation video:

C-THRU installation video:


One of the most common questions I’m asked is will the design fade or otherwise deteriorate?  Showtime uses proprietary paper and inks designed for long lasting protection from the sun and heat. I’ve been using Showtime grips for about a year now, and my clubs are often kept in the trunk of my car, in the Florida heat. They look the same as new. I have no information about C-THRU grips to comment on their life, but the product owners I’ve met had nothing negative to say about them.


I’ve introduced Showtime Grips to several golfers who already owned C-THRU grips. Their responses? “WOW” and “This really has a nice feel.” There is a discernable difference in tackiness and feel. As to the life of the grip, we invite users of both to add their comments below.

note: I-SEE grips are the same as Showtime. After the passing of one of the original owners, a new company was formed.


Showtime components, including the grip and polybag are made overseas. The graphic print, and product packaging assembly are made in USA.

C-THRU web site says Made in USA.


Showtime Grips strictly adheres to trademark rights of all custom grips produced. Logo use by unauthorized requestors are not accepted. For example, I’ve had requests for Rolex, BMW, and college logo grips from individuals that did not have specific rights to use those trademarked logos, and thus they were turned away. On the other hand, we’re working with some of those entities now, and consumers may be able to buy those items through us or the entities that own the trademarks in the future.

C-THRU web site says they offer officially licensed product from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, the Armed Forces, and United Nations, as of October 2012.

I recommend users verify licenses before buying items that have trademarked logo’s on the internet. One of the easiest methods I use to decide whom I will do business with- does the site offer company information, ownership, address and phone number? Does the price seem to match up with the brand value? Does the brand offer the item in their official store, if applicable? Does the licensed product have the consistent branding of other official products?

DSCLOSURE:  Your author and are official manufacturers representatives for Showtime Grips. We sell wholesale and retail. is a 100% women owned enterprise, specializing in volume orders of custom golf and apparel products.

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