Bryan Symonds Prototype Custom Wedges in 52 56 60 degrees

Looking for a great custom golf wedge for yourself or for a special gift? Bryan Symonds wedges are a boutique brand for those who want the very best. The Symonds “Prototype wedges” are the best combination of quality and value for a custom golf club for event promotions. You wouldn’t sacrifice quality for yourself and neither will your friends.

bryan symonds prototype custom wedge

Premium performance at a mainstream price. 431 stainless steel. USGA conforming grooves. Tradition, performance, and price all rolled up in one. Available in RH 52, 56, and 60 degrees.

It makes no sense to give away a club if the recipient won’t use it. This club is beautiful and functional!

A PGA professional for 30 years, Brian Symonds has been designing and custom grinding wedges for more than a quarter century. He has provided instruction and ground wedges for tour players on all 4 professional tour organizations.

His students have won major championships and excelled at all levels of the game worldwide.
His name is synonymous with perfection.
He painstakingly watches over every critical detail that goes into the manufacture of over Symonds Design golf product. From material selection to design, to final assembly, all are under his careful watch. You can be confident that when you are purchasing a Symonds Design golf product that you’re getting the very best quality available anywhere in golf.

Symonds Design products player accomplishments include:
2 PGA Nationwide Tour wins
2 USGA Championship wins
NCAA Team National Championship
Florida State Amateur Championship
Eastern Amateur Championship
Used by Competitors in US and British Opens
Used by Competitors in US Amateur and  US Senior Amateur

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