Golf for Women last issue

I’m sorry to see it go. I rec’d mine with my membership with Executive Women’s Golf Assn ( I wouldn’t rush to read it, but I generally read thoroughly before the next issue arrives.  I like the stories, and I thought the new ‘play better 100/90/80’ series was nicely well done.

I agree with others;  the clothing that’s advertised is frequently in the stratosphere. I play public and private clubs around the country and pay special attention to see what people are wearing to help with my own marketing. What’s advertised has never matched reality. I dress more like Annika Sorenstam and Stina Sternberg (stock magazine photo) than what I see in the magazine ads. I’ll spend a good amount on an outfit, but $1000 for an outfit (no shoes) isn’t what I’m wearing daily.

As to the future…if Conde Nast couldn’t make it, I’m not sure we’ll see anything on this scale again. Golf Magazine is no substitute and I wouldn’t pay for a subscription. I get it free now and have been thinking I’d like to help save the planet and just tell them-  no thanks.  I’d be really interested to hear the back story of cost vs revenues on GFW some day.