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Which online golf store will you shop at?

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How can you choose the best online store to shop for your golf or other lifestyle apparel needs? Here’s some tips you need to know for this and other online shopping needs.

  1. Click on the ABOUT US page. If there isn’t one, do you really want to shop with a company that won’t tell you about their business?
  2. Click on the CONTACT US page. Is there an address and phone number? I don’t know about you, but I’m not will to shop with anyone not willing to publish their address and phone number.
  3. Click on the shipping and returns page. What is the return policy? Is that acceptable to you?
  4. If you’re making a large purchase, you might also wish to verify the company is registered in the state their address is listed. Google “state name” registered corporations
  5. Is the web site an aggregator of other site product listings? This is harder to tell, but frequently these sites buy keywords and when you click through, the product you wanted isn’t there. They’re just fishing for any type of related business.
  6. If you have a particular brand you crave, choose the site or company that best can supply those needs for you and bookmark it. A customer once said, “I prefer to limit the number of people I buy from.  I can find a thousand suppliers for widgets but you’re the only one with my favorite Bugatchi shirt.”  Ask the person who with your favorite shirts to source all the other stuff  and save you time. Win-win.  When you find a gem, bookmark it!

About CEO golf shop: Founded in 2001, the Florida corporation specializes in volume orders of active lifestyle apparel and executive gifts. Embroidery and customization is optional. The CEO golf shop online store features many of the products offered for both men and women, and are available for instant purchase, with no minimum required. CEO golf shop maintains its’ own in-house inventory for many items to better serve customers with unexpected event needs.