Can you help me choose the best color shirts?

I get these phone calls all the time. It’s a big help if you tell us a little about you. What is your skin color? Hair color? What do you live? Some people prefer conservative solids, others bold fashion colors. We’re shooting in the dark if we don’t have this basic information about you.

The big color philosophy is seasons. Know your color season, and it’s easier to pick your clothing colors so you can look your best. Warm skin tones tend to have yellow undertones. You may have golden skin or appear sallow. Cool skin tones have blue undertones; characteristics are red or ruddy cheeks.

SPRING- If your skin color is warm and muted you are a SPRING. Warm, clear colors, such as melon or lime.

WINTER- if your skin color is cool and clear you are a WINTER. Winters can wear cool, clear colors such as black, white, gardenia and navy blue.

AUTUMN- if your skin color is warm and you are an AUTUMN. Wear warm, muted colors like olive green, sand, robusta, dandelion.

SUMMER- If your skin color is and cool and muted you are a SUMMER. Wear cool, muted colors such as burgundy or pastels such as lemon, wisteria.

If your coloring is clear, you’ll have a large contrast between your hair, skin and eyes and your skin will have a slight translucent quality. If you are muted, however, there will be a less noticeable contrast and you may have some ash tones in your coloring. Your coloring will probably be softer than that of a clear person.

Many people can wear colors from another palette that shares characteristics with their own season’s palette.
Not sure if you are a warm or cool color? Use the Gold and Silver Test. In front of a mirror, put a piece of metallic gold fabric or paper near your face, then do the same with a metallic silver piece of fabric or paper. One should be much more flattering than the other. If you are flattered by gold, you’re a warm. Silver is cool.

Quick color reference guide:

o Fair skin, grey, platinum
o Beige skin, try blue, ocean, midnight
o Golden skin, try green
o Bronze skin, try orange, dandelion
o Deep skin, try ruby red or pink