Preparing for your celebrity golf tournament

What can you provide for our celebrity golf tournament? Our services include all aspects from gifts for goodie bags to custom trophies, logo tournament shirts and event signs.

Shirts with logos: premium events like these tend to fall into 2 categories:
1. The event is so fantastic, the celebrity event name is run on the left chest, usually a color logo.
The sponsors go on the sleeves- usually tonal text on each sleeve, or they are not on at all.
2.  The event is new or does not yet have the panache of an ‘NFL caliber’ event. Tonal becomes more popular.
Other factors – value and style of the shirt. A resort style (camp) shirt may be given instead of a golf shirt. Then it’s left chest only for logo embroidery.

How far in advance do I need to order promotional products? For shirts, definitely advance order to get enough color and sizes. You won’t know exactly what you need, but it can take up to 4 months to produce, depending on when you hit the production cycle and the brand. The time to choose a shirt style,  color, and qty is December for March delivery.  We can assist with product recommendations.

There is a limited amount of shirts on hand for any brand. The larger the tournament, the harder it is to get exactly what you need last minute, unless you happen to hit right after a production run arrives in the warehouse. You may also want to consider our private label solutions, minimum 1200, in which case you can advance order with your name imprinted in the label, plus custom hang tags. Then simply add event and sponsor embroidery as needed at a later date. Maybe the recipients don’t want to wear a shirt with your logo, because of the nature of your product. This is an easy way to get your brand on a top quality shirt, without having your logo visible to everyone all the time.

We have an excellent promotional product for celebrity tournaments– a tour quality towel by Club Glove. This is a very desirable item and a sponsor who doesn’t get on the shirt can own the sole logo on this towel. It’s microfiber, tour size, highly coveted, and has low penetration in the market so far.

Here’s what’s needed to put together your custom proposal:
– jpg of event logo for review
– logos of any sponsors that you are thinking of for shirts
– overall budget for gifts

– qty breakdown of support staff, players, and ‘friends of the tournament’ that you may offer gifts to

– signage needs – usually these encompass posters for cocktail parties as well as hole sponsor signs, and other outdoor promotional signs.

We can put together a spreadsheet of ideas, costs, and order deadlines. You can then use this as a masterplan for the tournament committee and sponsors. I’ve sat on golf tournament committees and the core gift ideas are frequently part of a coordinated effort involving the key sponsors, while other items are left entirely to the discretion of the participant marketing teams.

A celebrity destination tournament frequently includes golf and non-golf promotional products. The last local celebrity tournament I played included a $90 sweater, nice leather duffle bag with tournament logo, certificate for a free pair of golf shoes, logo shirt – with nth Annual ‘sponsor name’ event logo – nothing on the sleeves, and other goodies.

We have in-house production for signs. For tee box signs, One thing to consider is whether they will be reusable or one time only. Second, all too often there are last minute additions to hole sponsors. Depending on the design, you can have blanks made and drop in names after. Prices avg $13-18- prices driven by materials.
– Flags – take a look at some of the outdoor banners here. The spinning flagstand is popular if buying in bulk qty by one sponsor. (12 or more for price drops).  The mediascreen is popular to move around at different points of the event. The Expand Flagstand is new and great when you want to set up and leave it. Banners with grommets are usually $10/sq ft. or less.  Bring twine and hang them.