What will my Custom Imprinted Golf Umbrella look like? Proof examples.

For custom umbrella orders, we provide a digital proof, which varies depending on the complexity or fit of the logo.

custom imprinted umbrella
62″ Windbrella Golf Umbrella- maximum 10 inch by 10 inch imprint area. Minimum order 24 units.
digital proof custom windbrella
Digital proof. This is the most common proof a customer receives prior to production.
Hyatt Regency umbrella proof
Digital proof for factory order. Factory orders include more options for customization, including private label. 144 unit minimum.


hunter green windbrella
Blank 62″ 40462Hu Windbrella Golf Umbrella
hunter green windbrella
Hunter Green 62″ Windbrella Golf Umbrella with Horizontal Logo Mock-up


40462 custom imprinted umbrella
Digital mockup with a vertical stacked logo


  • EPS Illustrator file preferred.
  • 10″ x 10″ maximum image area- Please provide art at actual size, or specify “imprint at proportional maximum image”

Buy online: 62″ Golf Windbrella is the most popular oversized umbrella we sell.  Frequently seen in use by PGA and LPGA tour players and their caddies, it has a double canopy, essential for windy golf conditions. While we have access to other brands for our customers,  they simply don’t compare.


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