Do you offer private label shirts at price points for resale?

Yes, we manufacture private label shirts and other apparel for resale. Everything about the shirt is yours. The name imprinting, the hang tag, and even any special shirt design or fabric specifications. You are buying wholesale at prices that enable you to mark up for retail or even wholesale to others.

We specialize in certain types of fabrics and styles including Pima cotton polos, silk shirts, moisture wicking, silk blend sweaters and mercerized cotton sweaters among them. This list is not inclusive. Mainly, we want you to understand we only manufacture quality fabrics whether a mid-priced polo shirt, or a high end polo found at the finest resorts and clubs. We offer fabrics that don’t pill or fade, and that hold their shape over time. Even though others may offer fabrics with the same ‘ingredients’, the difference shows up in many areas ranging from hand feel to product life.