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Bugatchi Uomo launches men’s Fall Knit shirts

New for the 2008-09 Fall/Winter season, Bugatchi launched a new knit made with 85% modal rayon and 15% polyester. The fabric is so soft and smooth it feel’s like heaven on earth.  The medium weight stretchy knit is  perfect for fall weather. I don’t know whether to call this a sweater or sweatshirt  or just a knit shirt. It’s lighter than a typical sweatshirt but heavier than your average shirt.

The Bugatchi knit is available in three styles including, long sleeve mock neck, long sleeve half zip with self collar, and short sleeve crew neck. For those who love the ribbed modal rayon shirt, I think this smooth fabric makes a nice addition to your Bugatchi collection, giving a little variety in fabric textures you wear.

Do you ever have sales on the Bugatchi shirts?

In a nutshell- it’s rare. Our items are all priced to fit within the Bugatchi Uomo marketing strategy as an upscale quality product. By staying with that strategy we are able to access inventory in 1000’s of styles, colors and sizes. Typically some shirts are $5 off of retail. We also will discount shirts at the end of the season, if there is adequate stock, or if we know another store is having a sale.

Our hotel and other reseller buyers pay wholesale prices.
Our corporate buyers who buy in volume with their logo embroidered also can obtain substantial discounts on some shirts.