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Are Bugatchi ribbed shirts with long sleeve and mock neck in?

The long sleeve mock ottoman knit is a fall/winter shirt. We have some product in, and more inventory will be available in September. The bulk of our winter inventory arrives in October. For the mock neck, we have stock for leaf green, marine blue, rosemary, ruby, russett orange, steel, and victoria blue at this time. This shirt is also available in crew neck and 3 button polo style in long-sleeve; crew neck, half-zip, and 3 button polo style in short-sleeve.

Due to high popularity, I strongly encourage advance ordering long sleeve Bugatchi ribbed shirts. We were out of stock in some of the most popular colors and sizes prior to Christmas last year.

Bugatchi performance golf shirts

Are you looking for a golf shirt with UV protection? Available in styles for both men and women, I tested the Bugatchi shirt with UV 50+ protection on consecutive days vs a FAMOUS NAME BRAND.

You can read my Bugatchi Women performance wear shirt review here.

The Bugatchi shirt is by far the nicest feel, fit, and performance of any moisture wicking shirt I have ever worn. I combined the red shirt with the silver Bugatchi Women textured skort, flower pattern. The first person I saw that day said I looked stunning. Sun exposure to my skin was completely blocked. I do not care for most moisture wicking shirts because they tend to be hot. This one actually breathed and I could feel the light breeze through the fabric. I really like a soft fabric on my skin and this is definitely best in class.

The next brand I tried was just as I expected- another disappointment. I generally can tell by the fabric feel whether I am going to love it or not and this one failed right away on the ‘touch test’.

Day 3. Bugatchi vs Nike dri-fit? Ok this was a pretty good match. I liked the Nike dri-fit feel this season and paid full price to test a complete outfit. Everything fit nice and worked pretty well on the course. It’s not as soft, but it’s not as much money either. However, after one wash carefully following instructions, the Nike products (top & skort) look worn and required ironing. Even so, it will never look like it did on the rack again. And this is another reason why the Bugatchi brand is far superior to others, not just in my opinion, but also that of our customers.

Long lasting, color fast, nice feel. They’re made that way, and they stay that way.

Click here to buy the Bugatchi performance golf shirt for men



CEOgolfshop.com sells Bugatchi shirts via it’s online store to CEO’s throughout North America. Additionally, we sell to corporations, most of which put their logo on the shirts.

Bugatchi shirts are rarely found at a discount, unless a brick and mortar retailer is closing out limited availability seasonal stock. Bugatchi shirts are not available everywhere. Resellers are carefully selected so as to control the branding and pricing. So how come if you search the internet, there are tons of listings that if you click on them, the site does not even sell any Bugatchi products? Unfortunately there are people out there trying to capitalize on the brand, lure them in, and then try to convince the customer to buy a different brand. Or sometimes it is shopping comparison sites. They all list the same store and they collect a fee, so these shopping portals spend a lot of money promoting the product.

At this time, CEOgolfshop.com does not pay to list all the Bugatchi products in the online shopping portals. We promote our own online store and that’s it. Hopefully, we’ll gain back our number one google position and knock out all those companies that don’t really sell the product. Until then, we’re going to try a few other things and see if we can’t boost our rankings.

CEOgolfshop.com selected to offer the entire Bugatchi product line.

CEOgolfshop.com was selected to sell the complete collections offered by Bugatchi Uomo. Bugatchi Uomo is a luxury brand, with many items in the line made in Italy. Bugatchi offers resort and golf sportswear for men and women, plus a more extensive menswear collection. With a focus on the corporate executive market, CEOgolfshop will offer logo embroidery on all Bugatchi shirts.

“Our CEO customers want a higher quality shirt, and something different, than the ordinary logo shirt buyer,” says Christine Speedy, CEO. “In many cases, the logo will be a tonal color so that it blends in with the fabric.”

CEOgolfshop.com will initially launch with the core triple mercerized golf shirts, silk pants, microfiber shorts, and other popular items.