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Top 10 CEO gift ideas

Top 10 CEO gift ideas for 2008:

 1.  Bugatchi Uomo ribbed shirt– this modal rayon shirt is not just a favorite. CEO’s want a closet full of them because they love the fabric so much- and anyone who gives one is sure to be held in high regards.  

2. 68″ Golf umbrella as seen on Tour. All it takes is pressing the button ‘open’ and this one will not be re-gifted. The feel and touch scream quality and durability. 

3. Golf travel bag – Any CEO who golfs and doesn’t have one, wants one. The Last Bag by Club Glove is the most popular and best travel bag in the world. Surprisingly, very few CEO’s own them, which makes it all the more alluring. 

4. Personalized cartoon book by cartoonist Stu Heinecke. The first time I gave this as a gift to a CEO billionaire, I got the access I wanted and great referrals too.  ( We don’t sell this, just a great idea- see cartoonlink.com for info.)

5. The greatest gift may be nothing monetary at all. CEO’s are stewards of our communities. Is there something you can do that would help achieve the company’s mission in that role? 

Sorry, but this list will stop at 5. The other 5 could be really easy…if only we knew more about you, your budget, your objectives and those you are buying for. Call for help!