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What is the delivery time for a custom golf bag?

The average time from order to ship is 10 business days for most custom Club Glove golf bags. The length of time for a single unit order depends on if you are supplying a .dst file for your embroidery. If you supply the file sized and ready for embroidery, then it will ship in just a few days. Otherwise, please allow a few days for the file to be created and for your approval.

The most popular custom bag is the Club Glove Custom Tour billboard bag.

ryder cup golf bags

Customer custom golf bag question: I would like to get more information on customizing a golf bag very similar to the Solheim (2009) or Ryder Cup USA bags.

CEO golf shop answer: Since these are custom designed event bags, they cannot be duplicated.  We can design a red, white and blue themed bag for you. A custom bag design of that quality starts at $3000.  Duplicate bags after the first unit are $400-1000. A typical order is 12 unit minimum.

A lower cost option when you only need a few is the billboard bag. You can choose from select stock colors of navy/black, red/black, white/black, or yellow/black and add your custom embroidery. Custom Billboard Cart Bag. The billboard bag is $578, including some custom embroidery.