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Titleist Callaway Nike 2011 logo golf balls DISCOUNT

Advance order your logo golf balls in 2010 for 2011 and get a big discount. All prices per quote only. CEO golf shop offers the following benefits to volume logo golf ball purchasers.

  1. Low shipping costs. We don’t mark up, we simply pass along the frieght costs.
  2. Low prices. We don’t have a name like golfballs.com, but our prices crush the competition whether their prices are published or not.
  3. Factory imprinting. Some companies sell golf balls that are imprinted by third parties. I’ve seen some of these on the golf course and I’ve had customers call with  stories of buying from suppliers they thought were getting full factory production, but that wasn’t the case and there were quality control problems, including imprint smears after hitting the ball.

These golf balls qualify for the program:

Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Pro V1x, NXT Tour, NXT, DT solo. Minimum 500 dozen.

Callaway Tour iz, Tour is, Diablo Tour, HX Diablo, Warbird Plus. Minimum 240 dozen.

Nike One Tour, Nike One Tour D, Vapor Speed, Crush. In the Power Distance series, choose from Long, Soft or Womens. Minimum 504 dozen.

discount logo golf balls

How does this program differ from regular CEO golf shop discount golf balls?

This is an advance order for LARGE VOLUME custom logo golf balls. The same models, plus others, can be ordered with a 12 dozen minimum.  We also offer PERSONALIZED golf balls; these have 3 lines of one color text only, in solid block letters; 2 dozen minimum.

Prices are lower for 2011 advance orders than standard orders of the same quantity.

Do you sell Bridgestone? Yes. They are not in this specific program, however, if you want aover 200 dozen, call for the best price always.

Do you ship international? This offer is valid for US customers only.

Can pay by credit card? No.  The prices are too low and we accept check or wire only.

Do I need to pay a deposit? Evaluated per customer.  A firm purchase order is required and a customer credit application must be on file.

When is delivery? We work with customers to deliver on their desired schedule.

Can you split golf ball shipments to multiple locations? Yes.

Can you split golf ball shipments for different months? Call to discuss your schedule.

Are new 2011 models included? Yes. We only ship the current factory model. No past season, seconds, or reconditioned balls ever.

Can I order blank balls? No. We only ship custom golf balls.

Can I order custom packaging? Yes. Any combination of custom boxes, tees and other inserts is possible.

Do you offer fulfillment? Please call with specific requests.

Can I have more than one logo or add a message on them? You can imprint in 2 positions. We’re completely flexible, just let us know what you need.


logo golf balls

I’m often asked ” which logo golf balls should I buy?”.  If you are a golfer, the question is easy. But if you are in marketing, and don’t golf, it’s much tougher. All the big brands make good golf balls. 

By brand preference, I’d suggest; 

1. Titleist

2. Nike

3. Callaway

Our top sellers in order are: 

1. Titleist Pro V1

2. Titleist NXT Extreme

3. Titleist NXT

Here are some tips: 

For lower cost tournaments, under $150 per person, choose a ball for an average player.  Usually this is a Titleist NXT golf ball. The Titleist DT solo is popular at breast cancer tournaments, though we’ve never had a request for them. 

For higher cost tournaments, which usually attract lower handicap players, and players who spend more money on their golf gear, the Nike One Platinum is a great alternative when you don’t want to go with the traditional Pro V1 logo balls, want to save a few bucks, or just to take advantage of promotions. I also recommend the Titleist NXT EXTREME LOGO golf balls. It’s a mid-priced ball, and a lot of players may not have tried it. Let’s face it, golf balls get lost, so this may be a good value, and the recipient will definitely appreciate the gift, even if it’s not a Pro V1. 

You may notice that I’ve recommended mostly Titleist. We don’t make more money on them. They are simply the most widely respected to the largest audience. So while some players may love Bridgestone, Precept or Nike, on average, it’s easiest to please the most people with Titleist. If you’d like an equivalent ball, we’re happy to recommend other brands that offer equal or better value.