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Best Golf Umbrella 2013

What is the best golf umbrella? Three reasons why I prefer the Windbrella brand are outlined below. I’ve reported on this before and it’s worth repeating again. My favorite golf umbrella is the 62 inch golf umbrella by Windbrella, with an auto open button. Tested in tough weather, this is by far the best golf umbrella I’ve ever owned. It has NEVER turned inside out. I’ve had one for over 10 years and it’s still like new. It’s big enough for my kids to walk under with me across a parking lot or to cover me and my golf bag on the course. EVERYONE who ever uses this umbrella ( I have two) makes a comment about what a nice feel it has. The 68 inch is made equally as well, however, to use for more than golf, I think the 62 size is a better size for everyday personal use.

Here’s 3 reason’s why this golf umbrella is better than others:

  1. Closing the umbrella without pinching a finger. Others claim to be pinchless but I’ve still pinched my finger on them.
  2. Construction detail. From the stitching elements to the webbing, there’s no cheap plastic parts to break. I’ve never had a customer request a claim with the lifetime warranty yet.
  3. It’s lighter. Maybe not a lot, but it’s noticeable.

Customers tell us over and over again, it’s the best golf umbrella they’ve ever had. Usually the only reason they’re buying another one is because they lost theirs or they’re buying as gift for someone else. The CEOgolfshop.com online store has this umbrella at a special low price so you can order just one, before you order a 100’s for your future events. As you order more, we give you more free imprinting options.

windbrella 62 golf umbrella inside

best golf umbrella 62

Specifications: 11 colors to choose from, plus solartech, the UV umbrella.

Buy online:

Best Golf umbrella- 62 inch Windbrella Oversized Golf Umbrella


Custom Logo 62 inch Windbrella Ovesized Golf Umbrella

Windbrella 62″ Solarteck Golf umbrella

About Windbrella: Windbrella is a manufacturer of world-class umbrella’s. Windbrella offers dozens of colors and styles for every need to keep dry. Often imitated, but never successfully, there is no match to the patented designs of a Windbrella.

About CEOgolfshop.com

CEOgolfshop, specializes in volume orders for promotional products and executive gifts. While most companies carry only a few colors, CEOgolfshop offers the entire line of each brand, so when a customer falls in love with a brand, they have the most choices.  CEOgolfshop.com is an authorized online retailer for the entire Windbrella line. Addtionally, CEOgolfshop sells and manufacturers wholesale to the trade, ASI, and retail buyers.  Private label manufactured Windbrella’s are available. The privately held company currently sells throughout North America and seven countries, either directly or through its affiliates to executives, tournament directors, marketing directors, retail buyers and consumers.




best 68 inch golf umbrella- optional logo

The Windbrella 68″ golf oversized umbrella is now in stock for immediate shipment. Our regular customers know this item has been special order only in the past so we anticipate a quick sell-through. The 68 is the largest size, typcially used by tour players due to the size being big enough for player and caddy to huddle under. Our umbrella review is below.

Product Details:

  • Double canopy Patented Windbrella Vented Mesh System®
  • Auto-Open Pinch-less Runner®
  • Lightweight fiberglass frame,ribs, and spreaders
  • NEW ergonomically designed Pro-grip handle
  • High impact ferrule
  • Color coordinated nylon sheath
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

In Stock Colors: These colors are in stock for immediate shipment. We’re currently out of black.

  • 68 inch golf umbrella burgundy40468BU Burgundy
  • 68 inch windbrella golf oversized umbrella40468HU Hunter Green
  • BEST 68" golf umbrella navy40468NA Navy Blue

Advance Ordering Colors: SOLID, TWO-TONE, OR CHECKERBOARD Options with 144 unit minimum.
Black, navy, burgundy, burgundy cream, hunter/cream, black/tan, red/white, navy/white, black/white,black/red check black/white check.

Private label umbrella: Choose from options including custom fabric colors, adding logo embroidery on close strap, hang tag, logo imprinting and other details.

What makes the Windbrella 68″ golf umbrella the best?

  1. Ease of use. When you’ve tried different umbrella’s you can really appreciate that this umbrella pops open and closes the smoothest of any we’ve ever tested. Others may claim to be pinchless, but in my experience, they were not. The big grip slider is key to making this pinchless.
  2. Durability. Lightweight compared to some other brands, yet durably constructed, thus the lifetime warranty. A big difference is in the finishing detail with seam finishing and fiberglass parts instead of plastic and a few knots tied with a little thread. Everyone has experienced an  umbrella with parts that break. I got my first Windbrella over 10 years ago and it’s still in great condition. The construction has gotten even better.
  3. Quality screen imprinting. Mine lasted about 8 years before it started to have any peel, and even now it still looks pretty darn good, if not perfect.


If  you’re putting your logo on an umbrella, you want it to be associated with the best product. This Windbrella delivers the best, and because of it’s durability, the recipient will continually associate your name with the great product they love. Send a 10″ x 7″ high resolution art file with PMS colors indicated with your order.

  • First imprint color FREE on one panel only
  • Each additional imprint $1.00 per color/per panel
  • Please Contact us for Multiple Logo orders
  • No Screen Charges, No Set-up Charges, No Artwork Charges


  • Custom Orders/Reorders – 24 pieces new, 12 reorder.
  • Undecorated goods – 1 piece. Buy the 68″ golf umbrellaonline now at CEOgolfshop.
  • Private Label- 144 unit minimum, 90 days production. Includes up to 4 spot colors on 4 opposite panels, custom embroidery on sheath and strap, custom medallion on handle ( when applicable)

Reviewers comments: The 62 inchgolf umbrella has always been more than adequate size for me personally, though at 5’2″ I’m smaller than most; I prefer the lighter weight and size of the 62, as have our customers. Whether that’s due to price or function, the 62 has reigned as most popular. I’ve ordered other brands for product testing. Function is my number one priority. How easy does it open and close? The Windbrella remains my hands down favorite and for that reason we do not offer other brands at CEOgolfshop. We could. We choose not to, because our goal is to offer the very best.


How to choose the best golf umbrella

How do you choose the best golf umbrella? There are at least six critical characteristics to look for. We’ve recommended the 62″ Windbrella as the best of the best for many years. In fact, I still use the same Windbrella as when I wrote my first article and video on this subject. This article uses images from two promotional product umbrella’s that I’ve had for 10 years. The private label umbrella is a back up for my kids. It has a few broken parts and you’ll see why as we compare umbrella quality. Both of these would retail for over $35.

6 elements to look for:

  1. Construction- choose fiberglass
  2. Double canopy- won’t blow inside out
  3. Closing Grip- your hand should be able to fit on the closing mechanism without overhang, a primary cause of pinch accidents.
  4. Handle- A wider diameter grip is easier to hold for longer periods.
  5. Warranty- lifetime manufacturer
  6. Auto-open- handsfree is a must

Tips to help you discern differences between brands:

Size: 62″ is the most popular size for any level golfer from amateur to professional. A pro golfer who huddles under the umbrella with his caddy may opt for the 68″ umbrella when the weather is expected to be blustery and horrible. The 62″ covers the typical golfer need, covering you and your bag. There’s plenty of room for someone else to join you. The 68 inch is harder to find and due to it’s added size, may be just a bit more than you really need.

Double Canopy– I wouldn’t bother buying one without this if you have any kind of windy conditions where you golf. The right double canopy construction will prevent the umbrella from blowing inside out, and sometimes also helps prevent it from blowing away if you set it down while taking your swing. Not all umbrella’s with a double canopy construction perform the same.  I have two units. They look pretty similar, they feel almost the same, but they perform WAY differently. For example, the ‘backup’ unit that someone gave me, and I loan to others on occasion, has some minor broken elements even though it’s hardly ever used. Look for the umbrella with fewer parts on the double canopy. Look at the two below. The extra parts on the top umbrella are all to make up for what it lacks in durable construction.

golf umbrella red and white
I wish I had a photo of the double canopy umbrella that literally broke into pieces on a gusty day. Alas, I tossed the pieces into the next trash can. It looked something like this red and white umbrella, but with a double canopy.

golf umbrella private label

windbrella golf umbrella double canopy sturdy

umbrella canopy top
Double canopy top on private label umbrella.
62 inch windbrella double canopy top
62" Windbrella double canopy top

Warranty– A Lifetime warranty is offered on the best. If it doesn’t have one, why not?

Pinchless closing– Who hasn’t gotten pinched in their lifetime? While many brands tout how theirs works, I’ve tried them. A top reason I choose Windbrella ® over the Gustbuster® is this very feature. Image below is Windbrella and Private Label. Your whole hand should be able to cover whatever you grasp to close the umbrella. Cheaper umbrella’s your hand will cover the grip and a whole lot more.

golf umbrella-inside construction
Private label golf umbrella-unknown manufacturer.

windbrella 62 golf umbrella inside

Am I prejudice about umbrella brands? Yes, I am. I’ve tried lots of them. I’ve had my hand pinched to the point of drawing blood. I’ve watched an umbrella get decimated by strong gust of wind, in Florida no less. I tried one popular brand with a nice wooden handle. It weighed so much, I was tired of it just testing it indoors. When given a choice, people will jokingly argue over who gets the Windbrella and who gets the other brand.

As a promotional product, it’s a great executive gift. Add your logo free with any purchase of 24 or more.  You can order this as a private label brand for your company too.

The 62″ Windbrella is made in black, burgundy, hunter and tan, red and white, red and black checkerboard, black and white checkerboard, navy, black and tan, hunter, white, burgundy and tan, navy and white,  royal blue and white,  and UV solarteck.

Click here to buy the Windbrella 62″ Golf umbrella

What is the best golf umbrella?

The 62″ auto open golf umbrella is by far the best golf umbrella on the market today. How many golf umbrella’s have you thrown out because they broke, tore, fell apart, or were pretty worthless when a storm kicked up? The patented mesh system is unique and imitations never hold up as well. This is the only golf umbrella that has never broken for me.

There are many options for corporate buyers:

– Add your logo in multiple locations. Never a set up fee and 1 location is always free with just a low 24 unit minimum.

– Private label. Your name on the hang tag and every where else with a low minimum of 144 units. There are other manufacturers that offer this, but after a year or two you realize it couldn’t have been a windbrella because it too fell apart. If you are going to spend the money on  great gift, spend a little bit more for a lifetime of your brand or message exposure. The lifetime warranty still applies!

The 62″ auto open umbrella also known as the OVERSIZE GOLF UMBRELLA is the best choice for executives. We don’t sell too many of the manual open unless someone is in a real budget crunch.

The 62″ manual open is also known as the 62″ WINDTUFF umbrella is exactly the same, except manual open.

The 68″ umbrella is available be special order only. It is not a stocked item with us or the manufacturer. I’ve found the 62″ to be more than adequate to cover me and the bag, or to cover the side of a golf cart when the wind is trying to blow rain into me.

Windbrella – there’s nothing quite like it!

Windbrella golf umbrella photoIt has the #1 patented double canopy system. It is constructed from the finest materials and lastest technology. The patented double mesh system allows the wind to pass through preventing inversion of the canopies. From the moment you press the patented Auto-Open Pinch-Less button and feel the smooth glide of your umbrella opening, you know it’s some

best golf umbrella 62


High quality silk screening is the perfect compliment to this executive gift. Art Instructions for custom umbrella’s:

  • Art: EPS Illustrator file preferred.
  • DO NOT flatten any images; send original files with layers intact.
  • All Fonts should be converted to outlines whenever possible, or include the name of the typestyle in the message.
  • Please include a copy of all screen and printer Fonts files whenever possible.
  • Please specify your Color from the Pantone Color Matching System.
  • 10″ x 10″ maximum image area

Buy the best in our online store now! Windbrella 62″ Golf umbrella