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logo golf balls

I’m often asked ” which logo golf balls should I buy?”.  If you are a golfer, the question is easy. But if you are in marketing, and don’t golf, it’s much tougher. All the big brands make good golf balls. 

By brand preference, I’d suggest; 

1. Titleist

2. Nike

3. Callaway

Our top sellers in order are: 

1. Titleist Pro V1

2. Titleist NXT Extreme

3. Titleist NXT

Here are some tips: 

For lower cost tournaments, under $150 per person, choose a ball for an average player.  Usually this is a Titleist NXT golf ball. The Titleist DT solo is popular at breast cancer tournaments, though we’ve never had a request for them. 

For higher cost tournaments, which usually attract lower handicap players, and players who spend more money on their golf gear, the Nike One Platinum is a great alternative when you don’t want to go with the traditional Pro V1 logo balls, want to save a few bucks, or just to take advantage of promotions. I also recommend the Titleist NXT EXTREME LOGO golf balls. It’s a mid-priced ball, and a lot of players may not have tried it. Let’s face it, golf balls get lost, so this may be a good value, and the recipient will definitely appreciate the gift, even if it’s not a Pro V1. 

You may notice that I’ve recommended mostly Titleist. We don’t make more money on them. They are simply the most widely respected to the largest audience. So while some players may love Bridgestone, Precept or Nike, on average, it’s easiest to please the most people with Titleist. If you’d like an equivalent ball, we’re happy to recommend other brands that offer equal or better value.