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new Loudmouth Golf Women’s mini shorts

These new mini shorts from Loudmouth Golf for Women are certain to be a hit among the college crowd and younger girls. Offered in size 0-8 and in funky patterns and college team colors.

Fabric-  97% cotton and 3% spandex.
Colors- Tarzan, derby chex (blue and white), disco balls white, carnivale, disco balls black, hot dog, oakmont houndstooth, orange & blue (Chomp), Orange & white (horns), purple & gold (geaux), shagadelic black
Size / Waist Guide (Actual Measurements):

Size 00 = 27″ waist
Size 02 = 29″ waist
Size 04 = 31″ waist
Size 06 = 33″ waist
Size 08 = 35″ waist