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Loudmouth golf hot dog skort

Hot Dog skorts by Loudmouth Golf have slimming bold stripes. Best option for matching men’s and women’s golf outfits by Loudmouth brand. Size 0 to 14.

What can you buy in this pattern? Women’s skort, men’s pants, men’s jeans, visor and ball mark and repair tool kit.

loudmouth golf skort hot dog

Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog Skorts

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W-SKRT0 hotdog-sk MSRP $70.
Fabric-  97% cotton and 3% spandex.
Size / Waist Guide (Actual Measurements):
Size / Waistband Guide (Actual measurements of waistband that sits just above the hips, 2-3″ below the bellybutton):

Size 00 = 27″ waist x 15.5″ length
Size 02 = 29″ waist x 16″
Size 04 = 31″ waist x 16″
Size 06 = 33″ waist x 16.5″
Size 08 = 35″ waist x 17″
Size 10 = 37″ waist x 17.25″
Size 12 = 39″ waist x 17.6″
Size 14 = 41″ waist x 18″

NOTE: Sizes 8,10,12,14 run larger than normal, we suggest going down one size.

Wash in cold water. Loudmouth Golf suggests line drying to avoid shrinkage. You may want them to shrink to fit. If so, warm tumble dry. They will shrink about 1/2″ in the waist. You may press with the iron on Cotton/Steam setting. Keep iron moving to avoid scorching. If you have any questions regarding any Loudmouth Golf¬† Apparel please give us a call.