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What is a gingham style shirt?

Gingham is a printed or dyed fabric known for its checked patterns of white with a color. The size of the checks can vary, but they’re usually even size.  The check pattern is formed by horizontal and vertical stripes (usually of the same color) that cross each other on a white background. When the vertical weave crosses a hortizontal weave, a more intense color results at the intersection.

Here are examples of Bugatchi Uomo gingham shirts in stock 2013.

gingham shirts


Gingham originates from genggang, meaning striped. The fabric style originated as a striped pattern in the 17th century when it was imported to Europe. It was woven into a check pattern in Manchester England during the mid-18th century, with blue and white being the most popular.

Gingham is made of carded or combed, medium or fine yarns, where the colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain (weft).  Gingham tends to be lighter, usually made of cotton, and comprised of simple patterns. Ginghams are similar to plaids, however, they’re always woven while plaid patterns can be dyed after the fabric is woven.

Bugatchi Uomo has elevated the gingham shirt to a new level of sophistication. In addition to vibrant colors, all the shirts have contrast cuffs and inside collar.


New Bugatchi Uomo men’s sportswear

By popular request, we’ve added more fashionable men’s sportswear from designer brand Bugatchi Uomo. We’ve had several calls recently from customers who mentioned they’ve previously bought Robert Graham shirts but really love our latest styles from Bugatchi Uomo.

Midnight blue stripe shirt


This article is no longer current. Click here to shop online for the latest Bugatchi Uomo men’s shirts.

Red jeans for men 2013 fashion

The 2013 men’s fashion magazines and web sites are all in sync that colorful men’s pants are a hot fashion this year.

Bugatchi Uomo offers a variety of colorful jeans and pants this season. The 5 pocket jeans offer soft comfort in solid color, fashionable Ruby red, cactus green, steel blue, grey stone, and taupe. Dress up with over a hundred different cotton fashion shirts with contrast cuffs, or go casual with a basic Bugatchi t-shirt.


 mens red jeans Bugatchi Uomoruby red jeans by Bugatchi Uomo click to buy


Fabric: 98% COTTON 2% ELASTANE
Colors: Ruby red, cactus green, steel blue, grey stone, and taupe
Fit: Regular
Sizes: 32-42 inch waist, 34 inseam
Machine Wash cold  or dry clean

Retail $145

About Bugatchi Uomo: Bugatchi Uomo is a manufacturer of world-class sportswear. Bugatchi Uomo offers fine men’s wear for those who want to be noticed without being obvious. They combine fashion-forward styles with high quality and feel. Bugatchi Uomo’s goal is to help their customers cultivate an individual sense of style.

About CEOgolfshop.com

CEOgolfshop specializes in volume orders for active lifestyle apparel and executive gifts. While most companies carry only a few colors, CEOgolfshop offers the entire line of each brand, so when a customer falls in love with a brand, they have the most choices.  CEOgolfshop.com is an authorized online retailer for the entire Bugatchi Uomo line.  The privately held company currently sells throughout North America and seven countries, either directly or through its affiliates to retail buyers, resort buyer, executives, tournament directors, marketing directors, and consumers.

Softest cotton polo shirt with optional custom logo embroidery

A large resort contacted us looking for a very soft polo shirt that they could add their logo to. They wanted employees to wear and to be able to sell in one of the on premise retail shop. They wanted a shirt so soft you’d like to sleep in it because you wouldn’t want to take it off.  Since our specialty is luxury men’s apparel with optional logo embroidery, I knew we’d have something suitable as other hotel managers across the country have requested our shirts too. One touch and their sold that it’s what they want to wear and what their customers want too.

The 2013 apparel season has continued a trend in reduced availabilty of 100% cotton shirts. In 2011 cotton prices soared 50%, driving manufacturers to explore other fabric options, including cotton blends. Prices tumbled the following year, however, they’re back on the rise again. All of this has contributed to many manufacturers completely discontinuing their mercerized cotton shirts.

The resort had already tried many other major luxury brands, to their disatisfaction. The Bugatchi Uomo slogan is “Try It, Touch It, Feel The Difference”. They’ve been a trend setter for incredibly soft shirts in every fabric they produce, from cotton to synthetics. Of all the brands I review and offer, when a hotel or CEO wants the very softest, I recommend Bugatchi. I sent 3 shirts for the softest polo shirt test:
The new 2013  Bugatchi men’s pima cotton short sleeve polo shirt.

Bugatchi pima cotton men's short sleeve polo shirt
Bugatchi pima cotton polo short sleeve shirt, turquoise. “1520”

The ribbed “1643” polo, one of our best sellers for many years. This ocean blue short sleeve polo shirt is made of a modal rayon blend with a rib texture. Over and over again, our customers tell us this fabric is their favorite. I recommend embroidery in matching colors, usually on the left sleeve for this shirt.

bugatchi ribbed modal rayon polo shirt classic blue

The “1000” smooth modal rayon blend short sleeve polo shirt is shown in color coral. This is also a 65% modal rayon, 35% polyester blend as the ribbed shirt. I recommend embroidery in matching colors or multi-color, depending on whether the wearer will want to proudly wear the logo. Choose left chest or left sleeve embroidery, depending on how subtle the need is.


The winner is: The “1000” smooth modal rayon blend, short sleeve men’s polo shirt.  The smooth fabric exemplifies what the Bugatchi Uomo brand is all about. Accent inside collar, underneath collar, and placket for fashion forward dress. The versatile shirt is suitable on the golf course, under a sport coat, and casual over a man’s favorite pants.

  • MSRP: $95
  • Colors: 2013 spring/summer classic blue, SKY, Black, chalk, dandelion, green grass, iris, midnight, hot pink, ruby, turquoise, coral, platinum, sand
  • Fabric 65% modal rayon, 35% polyester (polynosic)
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Contemporary fit
  • Striaght hem with side slits
  • Dry clean or Machine washable.
  • Availability: in stock and advance order. Retail or wholesale
  • Embroidery: .DST and jpeg files accepted. Please provide PMS logo colors. Individually folded and wrapped in clear poly bag with retail tag on.
  • Wholesale to trade and quantity discounts for corporate promotional apparel available. 4-6 month advance order is recommended to ensure best color and size selections.

Also available in crew neck.  Long sleeve is available seasonally. Accent (pattern) changes seasonally.

This article is no longer current. Click here to shop online for the latest Bugatchi Uomo men’s shirts.