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Charity golf promotional product mistakes

In my early days of golf I rarely wore clothes that advertised my business, mostly because I was the only golfer in the entire company at the time and no one had ever invested money in promotional apparel. Sponsors of charity golf tournaments can leverage their visibility by providing employees with complete outfits. Why leave your image up to chance?

  1. Buy shirts with your logo. Buy the best you can afford. Think about the image of your company and making your employees feel valued. If you’re a $2000 sponsor, why do you give employees $25 shirts?
  2. If the same valued employees represent your company on the golf course regularly, buy them a nice golf bag and put your logo on it.
  3. Buy the best golf towel (Club Glove tour towel) and put your logo on it. Give staff extras so they can give them away to at will.
  4. Buy the bottoms too. Pick out what you want them to wear, tell them where they can buy it, and reimburse them.
  5. Require all employees who represent the company to send a photo of the foursome, with names. Use the photo not only for promotional value on your web site or blog, but also to see how they’re dressing at company paid events.
christine speedy golf
CEOgolfshop owner, Christine Speedy, adorned in Miami Dolphins apparel at one of her first charity golf tournaments.¬† Don Shula’s Golf Course, Miami Lakes.