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promotional products

What promotional items can I give away at a tradeshow/seminar? We market IT services to upper-level execs. I want them to keep it and I want it to be memorable.

ANSWER: Cheaper than a pen? Let’s take a different approach. You’ve got x number of prospects who are ready to buy, some in the sales cycle some not, and some who just want the free gift. All of but the last of them could have value to you at different times.
You need to know which ones will be valuable now or in the future. A great exhibit will draw them in long enough for you to interact and qualify them as to type of prospect or complete dud. Offer a grand prize that requires some work to get. That’s the hook. Have multiple people ready to talk to every one who’s standing so you can get that info. Everyone is a winner with the cheaper gift -a decent pen or one of my favorites- a magnet picture. Take photo and put head shot in a selection of super hero choices or a cartoon. You’d be surprised how many take home to their families and put on the fridge for years.