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Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

Yes, our customers in Puerto Rico especially love Bugatchi Uomo shirts. Please include the urbanization code in the address area to avoid shipping delays. We also supply wholesale custom imprinted umbrella’s, Bugatchi Uomo shirts, custom golf grips, and custom golf clubs to area resorts and hotels. Custom orders, including golf bags, may incur additional shipping fees.

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What is Shipping cost of umbrella to Puerto Rico?

The Solarteck umbrella with UV sun protection by Windbrella is a great umbrella for any sunny climate. The minimum shipping cost to Puerto Rico runs about $39. This is not an error. The actual Fedex International Ground cost is a little bit less than that, but there is extra paperwork to ship internationally.

We appreciate your understanding that ordering a $29 item which requires 15 minutes of special paperwork and a hard cost to CEOgolfshop of the same value or more, warrants the $39 shipping cost. We will not adjust shipping to lower than the store estimate in most cases for international orders such as for one umbrella, because that’s what it costs us and the order would be unprofitable.

Please order our standard minimum $200 in merchandise, to get the some value for your shipping costs. There is very little difference in price for one item as for 5 items for international orders.
The $39 rate above applies to one umbrella from Florida to Puerto Rico.

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