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CEO golf shirts confusion

There is another online retailer out there labeling every single product on their web site CEO golf shirts. Every item is listed in the search engines with CEO shirts or CEO golf shirts, even if the product is not a shirt! Hopefully this won’t cause any confusion and people won’t click through to their web site. I looked and there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy so I imagine you won’t either. They do not offer the high quality shirts for executives that we do, they just are advertising with the words of our web site.

I’m sure if you are an existing customer you’ll agree that our shirts are truly fitting for CEO’s. We don’t just say this, that’s who our customer base really is.

When you are searching for products or our site on the web, please realize our actual corporate name is CEOgolfshop.com. We have started some ads running CEO golf shop just so that people don’t end up at the wrong store by mistake.

Play hot, look sharp.


FINAL NOTE: Where will it all end in the world of SEO? Will companies write for their customers or will they continue trying to trick consumers into getting to their site all in the name of more eyeballs to improve web site traffic? Will Google ever find a way to stop nonsense like this?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2. It appears the Google bots have booted the other site out of the top listing. Nothing to do with us! Looks like we’ll be back on top for one more day.

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