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How big is that size shirt? Measuring to avoid returns.

How big is a size large shirt? This video shows how to measure shirt sizes and compare brands. Especially useful to choose the best shirt size when buying online. Loudmouth Golf, Bugatchi Uomo and CEOgolfshop polo shirts used as examples.

When packages arrive at my house, it always feels a little like Christmas even if I bought and paid for the item myself. You can avoid opening your gift, not having it fit right, and all the return or exchange steps  that follow by spending a little time reviewing how to measure and looking at brand the size charts.

In an ideal world all size medium shirts would be the same size or all size large shirts would measure the same. But that’s not the way it actually works. So what we have is size charts for each brand and you should take a measurement across the chest of your favorite shirt sand then compare to the chest of the shirt that you’re looking to buy.  So in this case we take the measurement at the point just below where the bottom of the sleeve is or right at it, but it should be within 2 inches of that point to get the chest size of the shirt.

Let’s compare these three brands. The bottom one is a polo shirt by Bugatchi. The middle shirt is a new Loudmouth Golf JEWEL tech shirt and the one on top is a CEOgolfshop Pima Cotton moisture wicking shirt with CoolMax, which is a very new shirt that we just developed. So on these, these are all size mediums, the Bugatchi polo has a 47″ chest as measured across, and the Loudmouth is a 40-inch chest. CEOgolfshop is a 42-inch chest.

And then we have a second measurement. You’ll notice here that all of the sleeves are different lengths. When we take a sleeve measurement, we take from the bottom of the collar; it’s actually the seam right under the collar. So we take from that point to the tip of the sleeve. The Bugatchi shirt, the polo, has a 16-inch measurement, the Loudmouth a 16-inch measurement, and the CEOgolfshop 13 inch measurement.

The two performance shirts by Loudmouth and CEO golf shop are of the newer more fitted style that many are going to on the professional golf circuit. So that’s a secondary measurement. Not all of the size charts have that, but if you’re really unsure about something and you are trying a new brand, just call and ask some questions and we’ll be happy to take some measurements for you against your favorite shirt that you already have.

EDITORS NOTE: We modifed the manufacturer specifications of the white polo shirt by CEOgolfshop so it is more consistent with current trends. The shirt shown was a first run sample with our new fabric. Always check the size chart or with our staff for the most current information.

Bugatchi men’s shirts size chart updated

The Bugatchi men’s shirts size chart has been updated. Please note that actual measurements are shown. This is to help you compare with other brands you may already own. You can measure the same points and determine the correct size for you. Customers tell us that Bugatchi sizes run true to what they normally wear.

Most size charts are for “fits size”. For example, the Bugatchi ACF1643 crew neck, long sleeve, in size large has an actual chest measurement of 49″. The Ian Poulter size chart size large “fits size 45″ chest”.

The 1525 Polo’s have a roomier fit than all other Bugatchi shirts. Short sleeve shirts will have a shorter length and slightly smaller measurements than long sleeve shirts.