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Golf bag without brand logos to customize

A gentleman called the other day after an 8 month search, seeking a special golf bag that could be customized for a retirement gift. Our customers regularly select the Billboard bag for exactly this purpose.

The typical retirement gift request is for a bag that is customized. To help you with the process, I’ve outlined the process below. Please note, there are other options, this article addresses the most common retirement golf bag gift need.

  1. Choose one of our stock colors: black, red, yellow, white, blue.
  2. Billboard Bag Art Layout form Download this PDF and submit with your graphic files.
  3. Send all images and the form to us (instructions on the form)
  4. We’ll send you back an estimate
  5. Pay 50% deposit to approve and initiate project
  6. Illustrated layout delivered via email for approval. One layout included at no charge.
  7. Production begins after approval (allow 30 days)
  8. Final payment due/ready to ship
  9. Shipped freight 5-10 business days


Can I change the golf bag colors? Not for a the stock bag price. When available, customers can swap out the two side pockets and the lower belly pocket for a color from another bag choice. For example, select a blue bag and exchange 3 blue for  3 white pockets.

How much will it cost? For most customer choices, the cost ranges from $450 to $1000.

Is shipping included? No. Shipping costs are usually $55 and up. Anything other than frieght usually incurs costs of $100 and up. We’re not in business to make money on shipping. The boxed bags are oversized. We pass through all shipping costs and customers agree to any supplemental shipping fees we may incur.

When will it be ready?  Most projects are 6 weeks from beginning to end. Please allow 30 days from the time art is approved.


  • A .DST file is needed for embroidery. It tells the needle what to do, such as how wide the stitch should be. This is why art files cannot be saved as a .DST file. There is a set up fee for each logo that we do not receive a .DST file for.
  • We have some stock files, such as an American flag. Whenever we can use a stock file, customers pay only the embroidery fee.
  • Each embroidery piece will have a set up and embroidery fee, unless a .dst is supplied.
  • Set-up fees vary from $25 to $150, depending on the complexity of the item.
  • We need images that are about the size we’ll stitch at. We cannot enlarge a one inch image and get good results. If you’re not familiar with art files, a good test is to place the image in a word document and fill the page. If you can print it with good quality, then we can probably work with the file. Another quick test is file size. Anything less than 1 MB is suspect.
  • We need the PMS colors for your logo. The marketing department that provides the logo can usually give you this information. Sometimes it’s on the corporate web site media fact sheet.
  • Anything we embroider, we need to know the thread color.
  • For the name embroidery, please specify font and whether BLOCK TEXT or Script.


There are two options for the side panels- embroidery or custom inlay. We leave it up to production to make a recommendation based upon the intracacy and coverage of design. Any time the bag will endure a lot of shipping, the inlay is recommended for durability. If the bag will never be used, and is for office or den decoration, the inlay is for cosmetic purposes only.  You may wish to send along special instructions:

  • Bag will travel, please estimate using inlay where recommended
  • Bag is for decorative use only, please estimate with lowest cost production
  • Bag is for decorative use only,  but maximum beauty is desired. Please estimate using inlay where recommended.


We can use any logo for which you have the rights. This applies to all trademarked logos including collegiate, professional sport, and corporate logos.
What colors can I get a custom staff golf bag in?


What colors can I get a custom staff golf bag in?

The custom staff golf bag comes in standard colors of sun gold (yellow), blue, black, white or red all with black accents. staff bag navy staff-bag-yellow staff-bag-red staff-bag-White

The bags above can be customized with embroidery. Frequently, we recommend having a custom inlay , rather than embroidery, for the side panels for durability. It costs more, but when investing in a golf bag like this, you’ll appreciate the quality workmanship and longevity of vinyl inlay vs embroidery thread.

ceogolfshop-customgolfbag PDF layout form.

Click here to order online custom staff golf bag.

Another option is a completely custom designed bag. A lot of people ask for these and they typically start at over $2000 to design and produce a single bag. Additional units of the same bag ordered at the same time would be less.

us team custom staff golf bag