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Custom logo windproof umbrella buying guide

New logo umbrella buyers guide for custom Windbrella’s, a top manufacturer of quality windproof umbrella’s. Instantly compare promotional umbrella choices by color, size, product differences, prices, and recommendations.

Looking for a red umbrella? UV protection umbrella? No problem, see all your options at a glance. All the umbrella’s are automatic open. The new mini also has automatic close.

logo umbrella comparison chart nest windproof

I’ve written many articles about choosing an umbrella, and quality difference, so the buyers guide is not too in-depth, but is rather a quick guide to choosing the best umbrella once you’ve made a decision that this is the right gift product choice, and Windbrella is the best brand.

Click here to view online or download as a Microsoft spreadsheet  Logo umbrella buyers guide. 

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Which color do you recommend for your best 62 custom golf umbrella?

An accounting firm has a 3 color logo that is red, silver and blue.  Which Is the  best color golf umbrella  for client gifts? Navy, navy over  white, or a checkerboard? The answer depends on the audience and distribution method. If all the umbrellas will be given out on the golf course, the black and red checkerboard WB62GOLF-30462RDBL is a style that  golfers appreciate and I recommend it. The compromise in this case is the logo, which will need modified colors.  White in place of blue, plus silver and red might work and have a nice pop.

black and red check umbrella

If the umbrella’s will be given away at multiple events that includes  non-golfers, or logo colors are critical, then I’d avoid this style.

The navy over white WB62GOLF-10462NVWH is classy and befitting a conservative company, especially if the logo is also navy or multi-color with navy. However,  some might think it’s a bit feminine so be careful if your recipients are all men.

navy over white
Navy over white 62 inch auto open umbrella by Windbrella.

The solid navy WB62GOLF-40462NV is a conservative choice suitable for a financial related firm.

40458 navy golf umbrella

Buyers should keep in mind that some people don’t like to advertise another company, unless they have close ties or it’s a coveted entity (think NFL or charity logo) and this is especially true for the wealthy and executives .  If the product is nice enough and the branding is small and conservative, they’ll keep the item. For example, rather than a logo, a company might simply add www.mydomain.com in white text for a more conservative promotional approach. 

For custom umbrella quality, nothing beats our best golf umbrella, the Windbrella 62″ Golf  with manufacturer lifetime guarantee. It’s an investment that pays off for years and years.

Best Golf Umbrella 2013

What is the best golf umbrella? Three reasons why I prefer the Windbrella brand are outlined below. I’ve reported on this before and it’s worth repeating again. My favorite golf umbrella is the 62 inch golf umbrella by Windbrella, with an auto open button. Tested in tough weather, this is by far the best golf umbrella I’ve ever owned. It has NEVER turned inside out. I’ve had one for over 10 years and it’s still like new. It’s big enough for my kids to walk under with me across a parking lot or to cover me and my golf bag on the course. EVERYONE who ever uses this umbrella ( I have two) makes a comment about what a nice feel it has. The 68 inch is made equally as well, however, to use for more than golf, I think the 62 size is a better size for everyday personal use.

Here’s 3 reason’s why this golf umbrella is better than others:

  1. Closing the umbrella without pinching a finger. Others claim to be pinchless but I’ve still pinched my finger on them.
  2. Construction detail. From the stitching elements to the webbing, there’s no cheap plastic parts to break. I’ve never had a customer request a claim with the lifetime warranty yet.
  3. It’s lighter. Maybe not a lot, but it’s noticeable.

Customers tell us over and over again, it’s the best golf umbrella they’ve ever had. Usually the only reason they’re buying another one is because they lost theirs or they’re buying as gift for someone else. The CEOgolfshop.com online store has this umbrella at a special low price so you can order just one, before you order a 100’s for your future events. As you order more, we give you more free imprinting options.

windbrella 62 golf umbrella inside

best golf umbrella 62

Specifications: 11 colors to choose from, plus solartech, the UV umbrella.

Buy online:

Best Golf umbrella- 62 inch Windbrella Oversized Golf Umbrella


Custom Logo 62 inch Windbrella Ovesized Golf Umbrella

Windbrella 62″ Solarteck Golf umbrella

About Windbrella: Windbrella is a manufacturer of world-class umbrella’s. Windbrella offers dozens of colors and styles for every need to keep dry. Often imitated, but never successfully, there is no match to the patented designs of a Windbrella.

About CEOgolfshop.com

CEOgolfshop, specializes in volume orders for promotional products and executive gifts. While most companies carry only a few colors, CEOgolfshop offers the entire line of each brand, so when a customer falls in love with a brand, they have the most choices.  CEOgolfshop.com is an authorized online retailer for the entire Windbrella line. Addtionally, CEOgolfshop sells and manufacturers wholesale to the trade, ASI, and retail buyers.  Private label manufactured Windbrella’s are available. The privately held company currently sells throughout North America and seven countries, either directly or through its affiliates to executives, tournament directors, marketing directors, retail buyers and consumers.