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 Private label golf shirts for golf club pro shops

If you have an exclusive country club, the highest quality private label shirt is a must. This is a great option if you are hosting a special event or if you host a charity golf tournaments. Private label golf shirts suitable for executives , CEO's, and celebrities are a specialty at CEOgolfshop.com. Perfect for your famous private country club pro shop. Click here for corporate private label golf shirts and here for private label corporate apparel.

Wholesale Pro Shop Tournament Lisle golf shirts:

It's no accident this polo looks and feels like another famous name brand that retails for $85. Our short sleeve tournament stripe lisle can now be ordered in 5 standard color combinations.

Image shown is from a run for a famous club (recently hosted a PGA tournament). Customization includes molded pearlized dyed to match buttons, private label tag, embroidered logo, and 4 color hang tag.

This is the executive golf polo you've been waiting for! 100% cotton 60's 2 ply fine gauged double mercerized polo with a 3 button placket, full fashion collar, hemmed sleeves and dyed to match buttons, 1/8" pin stripe.

private label golf apparel wholesale

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  • Custom color and custom fabric options including Pima cotton, UV, moisture wicking, double mercerized cotton and more
  • Custom matching color buttons with your name
  • Custom logo embroidery- sleeve, chest, wherever; your logo color or matching thread colors
  • Custom hang tag- insert your own message
  • Custom brand tag- silver ink or custom 4 color tag
    • Everything can be customized to your specifications from sizes to packaging
  • MOST POPULAR: short sleeve polo golf shirt with double mercerized cotton.


  • ALL items branded at factory with imprinted name for label; split customizing with varying sleeve or chest, color or matching thread embroidery
  • Warehousing and distribution services
  • No advance payments or low down payments for apparel
  • Protect your margins without sacrificing quality

Our key competitive advantages are price-quality value, private labeling and industry knowledge. Cliff Muney leads the manufacturing oversight team with 25 years industry experience, including owning a factory in New York's garment district and manufacturing overseas in many countries from Asia to South America. Our knowledge translates into higher quality and smooth delivery at factory direct prices for you.

Yes, you can have your own private label for your company, your golf school, or other special event, for substantially less than other brands. We recognize the substantial investment corporations make to build brand recognition. We provide clients with a visible, practical way to execute or compliment their marketing strategy. Our clothing is specifically geared to enhance others' familiarity with your organization's identity - in style.




mercerized sweater

above: mercerized sweaters- the finest made! In fact they are so good, big names in the garment industry have asked us to manufacture for them under their label!

Perfection unparalleled

Many companies just throw the shirts in a box after logo embroidery. We don't. Everything we deliver is first class. After embroidery your shirts are steamed to remove any wrinkles. They are then folded with new tissue and individually bagged.

Pricing: We offer the same pricing whether you order 1000 or 20000.

Why would you choose our golf polo shirts? Our tournament polo shirt is a viable alternative to Fairway & Greene golf and other high-end brands. The feel is incredibly soft. Our polo shirt has the construction and quality of the mid to high end brands, yet is priced significantly lower.

Fortune 500 companies buy these shirts by the 100's or 1000's for their employees. We don't know of any other brands with COMPARABLE QUALITY available at these prices. So for private label golf shirts, this is the best value.

Product positioning: How do we compare with other double mercerized cotton golf shirts?

brand CEOgolfshop...  
Ashworth better Ours are more durable, won't fade or fall apart, and have collars that hold their shape better.
Cutter & Buck better Ours are more durable, won't fade or fall apart, and have collars that hold their shape better.
Greg Norman better Ours are more durable, won't fade or fall apart, and have collars that hold their shape better.
Descente- out of business not producing egyptian cotton  
Outer Banks, Port Authority Significantly better- no comparison Ours have finished seams, softer, lighter fabric, superb color fast, collars lay flat.
Fairway & Greene equal Both are great shirts. We offer both, but if you are buying large quantities, why not get the same quality with your own brand?
Bobby Jones equal or better  
Bugatchi different Bugatchi produces a fine double mercerized Egyptian cotton, 70's/2. Ours is a bit heavier. Some prefer it that way to reduce see through on the lighter colors. Both are great shirts and we recommend them.

PRIVATE LABEL ORDER PROCESS: Average delivery is 4-8 weeks.

  1. Place your order
  2. Supply your logo in digital format. We will make recommendations for sizing and colors as needed.
  3. Supply your custom label content- silver ink tag & insert tag
  4. We digitize your logo to optimize for embroidery.
  5. Sample shirt and or customer swatch delivered for approval.
  6. Shirts are manufactured, embroidered, steamed to remove wrinkles, folded with tissue insert, and individually poly bagged. Boxed and shipped to warehouse in Miami, FL USA.
  7. Shipped to you.

Full Private label: Minimum qty is 1200 - see above for details. Includes custom imprinted buttons, custom imprinted label on inside shirt, custom brand tag, custom printed insert.

MORE PRIVATE LABEL APPAREL OPTIONS- We manufacture to your specification. Do you want silk? A silk/cotton blend? UV protection? The choices are nearly endless.


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