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Company | Christine Speedy Bio | Top 5 Reasons to Shop at CEOgolfshop.com


  1. We don't offer every brand, we offer the BEST and the hard-to-find!
  2. We have every color and style you can imagine.
  3. As avid golfers and seasoned business professionals we've traveled throughout the USA and beyond. We understand your different climate needs and can help you choose the right products.
  4. In most cases we are the manufacturer or are direct distributors for the manufacturer so we can offer you great value.
  5. 100% Women Business Enterprise - even if your company does not participate in this program, you can feel good about expanding this business segment.


  1. We make their jobs easier with our personal attention to detail and understanding of their target market reach. We can quickly suggest the perfect item for your target and just as quickly give you an estimate.
  2. Private label apparel - your own label on the highest quality fabric.
  3. We have brands they can't get through other channels.

Our corporate buyers don't need more promotional products vendors - they have loads of sources. Our niche is executive apparel and gifts not available through traditional channels. We have experienced staff who go overseas for production oversight so that everything goes right with your project and you can have peace of mind.


CEOgolfshop Located at Lighthouse Point, FL 33064. Phone: 800-236-1899. .

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