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New 2013 Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x Golf Balls vs Golfballzone

A customer ordered our discounted custom golf balls special the other day, getting a free dozen of Titleist Pro V1x. He shared that he usually paid about $27 a dozen for Pro V1 logo overrun balls at Clearly if the manufacturer was offering a better deal to other vendors, we’d want to know about it. However, upon researching that is not the case at golfballzone.

Per their web site, Golfballzone sells only USED golf balls. They have a 3 point grading system:

  1. GRADE A BALLS. Grade “A” are “Like New.”
  2. GRADE B BALLS. Grade “B” are great condition balls that just miss grade “A.”
  3. VALUE GRADE BALLS. They may have a small scuff, minor discoloration or the previous owners mark.

CEOgolfshop sells only new custom golf balls. All custom logo and personlization imprinting is done at the factory.

Golfballzone sells used balls in loose bulk bags.

CEOgolfshop golf balls are shipped in original manufacturing packaging, ready for your personal use or gift giving.

While there is clearly a market for each type of golf ball, CEOgolfshop sells golf balls that are new, and are personally customized for you.  Our prices are among the lowest in the industry, and we have special pricing for tournaments and large volume corporate purchasing. So many silly things can impact a players game. I wear nice golf clothes because they make me feel good and I think that gives me an edge. I prefer to play golf balls that have my name or saying or company logo, or of one that a friend gave me, because that also makes me feel good. For me personally, playing a golf ball with a random name or logo on a regular basis would do nothing to enhance my super powered mental game, and could even have a negative effect. And in the game of golf, negativity just doesn’t belong in my days thoughts.

Don’t golf and want to buy a custom golf bag as a gift? Read this.

Everything a non-golfer needs to know to choose the right custom golf bag. This article is for people looking to buy one golf bag for a gift.

  1. Stand bag or cart bag? A stand bag is lightweight and easy to carry walking. You can also put it on a cart. A cart bag is heavy and golfers never use them walking UNLESS they use a walking cart, and not carry it on their shoulders. Even in that case most golfers are looking for a lightweight bag. 
  2. Casual or Business? The typical country club user may prefer a quality bag with a bit of personalization. The working CEO or tournament player prefers more flash so they can show off their brand.

The best choice for a custom stand or ‘carry’ bag is the Aficionado by Club Glove.

custom stand bag golf bag

Aficionado IV Stand Bag by Club Glove

What you need to know about this bag:

  • You can add embroidery on each side and the belly pocket
  • It comes in 5 stock colors.
  • Flat rate $10 for shipping. Because of it’s size, shipping can be expensive so be careful if you look at other sources.
  • Ships in about 2 weeks with a custom name; or allow 2 weeks after art approval if adding a logo.
  • $199 bag (flat rate shipping)
  • $20 Embroidered name
  • $25 per logo placement if you supply a .DST file*
  • Set up fee for logo if file not supplied

The best choice for a country club bag is the Luxury Cart bag by Club Glove.

luxury custom cart golf bag

MSRP $274 plus customization.

What you need to know about this bag:

  • You can add embroidery on each side and the belly pocket
  • It comes in 6 stock colors. Corporate customers can create custom bags with quantity purchase.
  • Flat rate $10 for shipping. Because of it’s size, shipping can be expensive so be careful if you look at other sources.
  • Ships in about 2 weeks with a custom name; or allow 2 weeks after art approval if adding a logo.

FOR BUDGETING, here are estimates: Add a logo or image from your high resolution art file, starting at $50 per location per side. Add an image from our stock art (USA flag, or Club Glove Logo) , starting at $30 per location per side. Add an embroidered American Flag on the belly pocket, $20 Add your name, nickname or initials: Included in base price FREE.

The best choice for an executive who enjoys playing in golf tournaments the Billboard bag by Club Glove.

billboard golf bag

MSRP $289 plus customization.

What you need to know about this bag:

  • The premier bag for dignataries and CEO’s.
  • You can add embroidery on all 4 sides and the carry strap.  You can download a layout form here.
  • Instead of size embroidery, a custom inlay is frequently recommended.
  • It comes in 6 stock colors. You can have any color and any design you want, from zippers and all decoration, however, a single bag (the master can be used to produce others)  costs about $3500 and up.
  • It comes in two sizes 8.5″ and 9″, the latter reserved for tour players.
  • Shipping is based on cost, from $50 and up.  We reserve the right to adjust shipping fees to match our costs.
  • Ships in about 4 weeks after art approval, depending on customization.

FOR BUDGETING, here are rough estimates: The average request includes set up fees for a logo on each side and a name, typically priced from $450-700.  Add a logo or image from your high resolution art file, starting at $50 per location per side. Add an image from our stock art (USA flag, or Club Glove Logo) , starting at $30 per location per side. Add an embroidered American Flag on the belly pocket, $25 Add your name, nickname or initials: Included in base price FREE.  Shipping is usually $75 and up.


Why CEOgolfshop? Most brands on the market are covered with brand advertising.  You can’t customize them like you can with our golf bags because there is no blank space to add customization.

Can I add my college logo? No, not unless you have specific rights to use their logo. For colleges, that is highly unlikely. For high schools, they usually send approve logos for golf team members.

Can I add a brand logo if I don’t work for the company? No, You must have rights to all logos on the bag. For example, we are often asked for BMW bags by BMW owners. Contact your dealer and have him give us a call.

Can I customize the bag colors? No, not for a single unit purchase. Corporations can contact us for options on 24+ units for stand bags and luxury bags. The Billboard bag can be customized for any quantity, but it is generally not practical on small runs.

Can I add a name or nickname? Yes.

What is a .DST file? It’s an embroidery format. You cannot produce it on your computer. It requires special software and it includes instructions about depth, width etc for the embroidery process. If you’ve used the logo on other materials, you may be able to get that file from whoever did the project to use for the logo on the bag. Please note you can’t stretch the file- it will print at the same size as it was originally created.

What if I don’t have a .DST file? It’s $50-100 to create one for you, depending on the complexity.

GOOD TO KNOW:  If you buy a Billboard bag, consider buying the a travel bag. The number one bag on tour also has a number one travel bag to go with it.

How much does it cost? See our online store for the latest colors, options, model and prices.



best 68 inch golf umbrella- optional logo

The Windbrella 68″ golf oversized umbrella is now in stock for immediate shipment. Our regular customers know this item has been special order only in the past so we anticipate a quick sell-through. The 68 is the largest size, typcially used by tour players due to the size being big enough for player and caddy to huddle under. Our umbrella review is below.

Product Details:

  • Double canopy Patented Windbrella Vented Mesh System®
  • Auto-Open Pinch-less Runner®
  • Lightweight fiberglass frame,ribs, and spreaders
  • NEW ergonomically designed Pro-grip handle
  • High impact ferrule
  • Color coordinated nylon sheath
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

In Stock Colors: These colors are in stock for immediate shipment. We’re currently out of black.

  • 68 inch golf umbrella burgundy40468BU Burgundy
  • 68 inch windbrella golf oversized umbrella40468HU Hunter Green
  • BEST 68" golf umbrella navy40468NA Navy Blue

Advance Ordering Colors: SOLID, TWO-TONE, OR CHECKERBOARD Options with 144 unit minimum.
Black, navy, burgundy, burgundy cream, hunter/cream, black/tan, red/white, navy/white, black/white,black/red check black/white check.

Private label umbrella: Choose from options including custom fabric colors, adding logo embroidery on close strap, hang tag, logo imprinting and other details.

What makes the Windbrella 68″ golf umbrella the best?

  1. Ease of use. When you’ve tried different umbrella’s you can really appreciate that this umbrella pops open and closes the smoothest of any we’ve ever tested. Others may claim to be pinchless, but in my experience, they were not. The big grip slider is key to making this pinchless.
  2. Durability. Lightweight compared to some other brands, yet durably constructed, thus the lifetime warranty. A big difference is in the finishing detail with seam finishing and fiberglass parts instead of plastic and a few knots tied with a little thread. Everyone has experienced an  umbrella with parts that break. I got my first Windbrella over 10 years ago and it’s still in great condition. The construction has gotten even better.
  3. Quality screen imprinting. Mine lasted about 8 years before it started to have any peel, and even now it still looks pretty darn good, if not perfect.


If  you’re putting your logo on an umbrella, you want it to be associated with the best product. This Windbrella delivers the best, and because of it’s durability, the recipient will continually associate your name with the great product they love. Send a 10″ x 7″ high resolution art file with PMS colors indicated with your order.

  • First imprint color FREE on one panel only
  • Each additional imprint $1.00 per color/per panel
  • Please Contact us for Multiple Logo orders
  • No Screen Charges, No Set-up Charges, No Artwork Charges


  • Custom Orders/Reorders – 24 pieces new, 12 reorder.
  • Undecorated goods – 1 piece. Buy the 68″ golf umbrellaonline now at CEOgolfshop.
  • Private Label- 144 unit minimum, 90 days production. Includes up to 4 spot colors on 4 opposite panels, custom embroidery on sheath and strap, custom medallion on handle ( when applicable)

Reviewers comments: The 62 inchgolf umbrella has always been more than adequate size for me personally, though at 5’2″ I’m smaller than most; I prefer the lighter weight and size of the 62, as have our customers. Whether that’s due to price or function, the 62 has reigned as most popular. I’ve ordered other brands for product testing. Function is my number one priority. How easy does it open and close? The Windbrella remains my hands down favorite and for that reason we do not offer other brands at CEOgolfshop. We could. We choose not to, because our goal is to offer the very best.


Bryan Symonds Design custom golf club review and executive gift ideas

CEOgolfshop offers the full line of Bryan Symonds Design custom golf clubs. As a die-hard brand name only club buyer, I was hesitant to consider a brand that I was not familiar with. However, an hour in the practice area, and I was convinced my Cleveland wedges were sub-par compared to these. I’m not a professional golf tester, and at 17 handicap, not the best golfer either. But I have played some stellar rounds. Fortunately, I hit awesome immediately with the prototype wedges.

At first glance the club face seemed smaller than my Cleveland wedges so I was concerned about mishits. I needn’t be. My very first shot was an awesome hit with nice loft that plunked down on the green and spun back just a bit. At Naples Grande it can be very difficult to hold the greens so I’m thrilled with how easy it was. For me personally, I can get that result with Cleveland 60 degree lob wedge, but not my other wedges.  I hit my Brian Symonds Design Prototype Wedge more consistently with ease and control than my ‘brand’ wedge. “One of the major playing characteristics that separate the Brian Symonds Design Wedges from many others is the heel grind on the sole of the club.  The rounding and flattening of the sole’s heel lets the player hit golf shots and pitch shots off the tightest of lies.  By spin-milling the face of the club the player can now stop a ball on the firmest of greens.” I can attest to that.

Bryan has been grinding custom clubs for two decades and has many fans. Brian Symonds Design Wedges are a blend of tradition and technology.  They have a sharp, classic look that was popular with players like Tommy Armour, Ben Hogan and Bob Hamilton.  By using 304 Stainless Steel, Brian Symonds has achieved one of the softest feels in a golf club today. Whether you are hitting a full shot into a green with his 52 degree wedge or executing a delicate flop shot out of deep rough with his 60 degree club you will feel in complete control of the ball coming off the club face.
Today’s Touring Professionals, Top Amateurs and average players demand a wedge that is reliable in the fairway and the rough but that is proven in the sand as well.  Brian Symonds Design Wedges give the player the best of both worlds: just the right amount of bounce to play any bunker shot and the sole design to hit golf shots you only dream of.  There is no doubt these classically designed wedges combined with today’s technology will dramatically improve any player’s short game.

I agree. My test on tight lies was more solid shots generating backspin with very little effort. Again, since I’m an 17 handicap, it was harder for me to consistently acheive this with my Cleveland wedges.

A PGA professional for 30 years, Brian Symonds has been designing and custom grinding wedges for more than a quarter century. He has provided instruction and ground wedges for tour players on all 4 professional tour organizations.

bryan symonds design wedgesOur mission at CEOgolfshop is to deliver high quality products that can be customized as gifts for corporate executives, celebrities, and those who care about the best in quality. These clubs can be customized, and personalized with a custom branded golf grip, and you can also engrave on the club face.

We recommend the prototype wedge with a custom golf grip for most tournament gifts. Players of all levels will enjoy these clubs. MSRP with a custom grip is $89. We offer them in with quantity discounts. With expenses covered, a support team can attend your tournament and custom fit players at your event.

The oil can wedge is for very low handicap and scratch golfers and for those who spare no expense for their tournament gifts.

custom golf grips
Examples of custom golf grips installed on demo club stems.