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CEO golf shirts confusion

There is another online retailer out there labeling every single product on their web site CEO golf shirts. Every item is listed in the search engines with CEO shirts or CEO golf shirts, even if the product is not a shirt! Hopefully this won’t cause any confusion and people won’t click through to their web site. I looked and there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy so I imagine you won’t either. They do not offer the high quality shirts for executives that we do, they just are advertising with the words of our web site.

I’m sure if you are an existing customer you’ll agree that our shirts are truly fitting for CEO’s. We don’t just say this, that’s who our customer base really is.

When you are searching for products or our site on the web, please realize our actual corporate name is We have started some ads running CEO golf shop just so that people don’t end up at the wrong store by mistake.

Play hot, look sharp.


FINAL NOTE: Where will it all end in the world of SEO? Will companies write for their customers or will they continue trying to trick consumers into getting to their site all in the name of more eyeballs to improve web site traffic? Will Google ever find a way to stop nonsense like this?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2. It appears the Google bots have booted the other site out of the top listing. Nothing to do with us! Looks like we’ll be back on top for one more day.

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moisture wicking golf shirts

Even though my last post is on a very similar subject, I feel compelled to write about it again.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles in heavy humidity, and was rained on several times. I was wearing a hanes cotton t-shirt and moisture wicking running shorts. Needless to say, when I was done, the t-shirt was pretty wet, but the shorts were not. What’s the relationship with golf shirts?

I’m petite and in pretty good shape so I don’t sweat much when golfing, but many of our golf store shoppers do. I’m often asked which is the best shirt?

The fabric from brand to brand may list the same composition, yet they react very differently to wear and tear and the environment. Here’s my picks for those who sweat a lot:
1. Bugatchi performance golf shirts. The best in class for moisture wicking, the shirts provide UV protection and breathability. The unique fabric is like no other moisture wicking shirt we’ve tested, and in fact the material is made exclusively for Bugatchi.

2. Bugatchi modal rayon shirt. These can be found by entering “1643” in the search bar in our online store. The shirts breathe and the fabric dries quickly. Technically they are not moisture wicking, but this shirt is exceptional for the golf course and under a sportcoat.

3. The Bugatchi Egyptian cotton golf shirt and any mercerized cotton shirts. Cotton is a natural fabric so it offers the most breathability. However, as my recent run proved, if you have excess moisture, the shirt will not dry out as quickly as others. This is a tournament favorite and is recommended for all golfers regardless of how much they sweat.

Bugatchi performance golf shirts

Are you looking for a golf shirt with UV protection? Available in styles for both men and women, I tested the Bugatchi shirt with UV 50+ protection on consecutive days vs a FAMOUS NAME BRAND.

You can read my Bugatchi Women performance wear shirt review here.

The Bugatchi shirt is by far the nicest feel, fit, and performance of any moisture wicking shirt I have ever worn. I combined the red shirt with the silver Bugatchi Women textured skort, flower pattern. The first person I saw that day said I looked stunning. Sun exposure to my skin was completely blocked. I do not care for most moisture wicking shirts because they tend to be hot. This one actually breathed and I could feel the light breeze through the fabric. I really like a soft fabric on my skin and this is definitely best in class.

The next brand I tried was just as I expected- another disappointment. I generally can tell by the fabric feel whether I am going to love it or not and this one failed right away on the ‘touch test’.

Day 3. Bugatchi vs Nike dri-fit? Ok this was a pretty good match. I liked the Nike dri-fit feel this season and paid full price to test a complete outfit. Everything fit nice and worked pretty well on the course. It’s not as soft, but it’s not as much money either. However, after one wash carefully following instructions, the Nike products (top & skort) look worn and required ironing. Even so, it will never look like it did on the rack again. And this is another reason why the Bugatchi brand is far superior to others, not just in my opinion, but also that of our customers.

Long lasting, color fast, nice feel. They’re made that way, and they stay that way.

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