Customized Umbrella Manufacturing – custom logo or private label

custom umbrella manufacturingNeed an umbrella manufacturer? Private label your brand with high quality custom umbrella’s from the factory that some of the biggest brands in the world trust to put their name on.  Add your brand with a custom printed logo, or completely customize an umbrella with all of these choices:

  • handle
  • top fabric color
  • top imprinting
  • inside fabric color
  • inside fabric imprinting
  • velcro closure strap
  • carry case sheath
  • disc emblem ( if applicable to umbrella style)
Hyatt custom umbrella
Digital proof for custom private label umbrella.

Why are our umbrella’s the best?

CEOgolfshop represents multiple manufacturers so buyers can could choose from different manufacturers, but almost everyone wants a Windbrella.  Based on in-staff testing and customer feedback, these three items are big differentiators that can turn merely satisfied customers into raving fans:

  1.  Construction: the details vary widely between umbrella manufacturers, even with same size and similar features such as auto-open and windproof.  It’s not something the average user can pinpoint, but they know quality when they feel it and use it.
  2.  Sensory delight: From the tactile handle feel, to opening and closing, it’s a sound and touch intangible that makes customers happy.
  3. ROI: While many umbrella’s end up littered in the streets after a rain, or lost, that’s not the norm with a quality umbrella that someone loves. (I’ve been using mine for over a decade.) If gifted, most can recite when and where they were given one of our umbrella’s, as well as recall the company logo on it. Branding value far exceeds the number of times the umbrella is opened. The most common reason a customer becomes a repeat buyer is  they want to buy as a gift for someone else because they love it so much.

How long does it take?

  • 3-7 business days for in stock umbrella’s, add your logo; faster service available upon request
  • 60 days (Rush) from art approval for custom umbrellas using stock molds
  • 90 days (Regular shipping) from art approval for custom umbrellas using stock molds
  • 90-120 days (Regular shipping) from art & design approval for custom umbrellas and custom handle molds

Why is an umbrella from CEOgolfshop a great promotional and incentive gift?

  • Everyone needs a GREAT umbrella
  • Universal / unisex
  • Quality umbrella’s will NOT be thrown out or re-gifted
  • Long term visibility

Recommended for:

  • Retail & Hospitality:  Gift shops and specialty stores
  • Business to business:  customers, charity auction items, executive gifts; Office Supply- Put umbrella’s next to the door for rainy days and allow your customer to take one and keep it- they’ll always remember how thoughtful you were!
  • Employee incentives, employee rewards; salesperson of the month, outstanding customer service


Is there a minimum? 24 units for in-stock, 144 for custom factory orders (anything other than adding a logo imprint to stock colors).

Can I order a sample without any customization? Yes.

Can you sell by the container? Yes.

What style umbrella’s do you offer?  We offer a wide variety of styles and shapes, including folding umbrella’s, auto open umbrella’s, double canopy umbrella’s, doorman umbrella’s, and golf umbrella’s.

Can I get a custom shape handle? Yes, we can create anything for you.

Where to buy:

Some of our Stock umbrella’s with custom logo or blank can be purchased online Call (800) CEO-1899 for more options.


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  1. from Taylorecret (sorry, your comment was submitted during our comments software update)

    Submitted on 2014/11/25 at 2:21 am

    You just said it right! Long term visibility for golf umbrellas in the UK
    includes serving as a walking billboard for the company.

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