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Bryan Symonds Design custom golf club review and executive gift ideas

CEOgolfshop offers the full line of Bryan Symonds Design custom golf clubs. As a die-hard brand name only club buyer, I was hesitant to consider a brand that I was not familiar with. However, an hour in the practice area, and I was convinced my Cleveland wedges were sub-par compared to these. I’m not a professional golf tester, and at 17 handicap, not the best golfer either. But I have played some stellar rounds. Fortunately, I hit awesome immediately with the prototype wedges.

At first glance the club face seemed smaller than my Cleveland wedges so I was concerned about mishits. I needn’t be. My very first shot was an awesome hit with nice loft that plunked down on the green and spun back just a bit. At Naples Grande it can be very difficult to hold the greens so I’m thrilled with how easy it was. For me personally, I can get that result with Cleveland 60 degree lob wedge, but not my other wedges.  I hit my Brian Symonds Design Prototype Wedge more consistently with ease and control than my ‘brand’ wedge. “One of the major playing characteristics that separate the Brian Symonds Design Wedges from many others is the heel grind on the sole of the club.  The rounding and flattening of the sole’s heel lets the player hit golf shots and pitch shots off the tightest of lies.  By spin-milling the face of the club the player can now stop a ball on the firmest of greens.” I can attest to that.

Bryan has been grinding custom clubs for two decades and has many fans. Brian Symonds Design Wedges are a blend of tradition and technology.  They have a sharp, classic look that was popular with players like Tommy Armour, Ben Hogan and Bob Hamilton.  By using 304 Stainless Steel, Brian Symonds has achieved one of the softest feels in a golf club today. Whether you are hitting a full shot into a green with his 52 degree wedge or executing a delicate flop shot out of deep rough with his 60 degree club you will feel in complete control of the ball coming off the club face.
Today’s Touring Professionals, Top Amateurs and average players demand a wedge that is reliable in the fairway and the rough but that is proven in the sand as well.  Brian Symonds Design Wedges give the player the best of both worlds: just the right amount of bounce to play any bunker shot and the sole design to hit golf shots you only dream of.  There is no doubt these classically designed wedges combined with today’s technology will dramatically improve any player’s short game.

I agree. My test on tight lies was more solid shots generating backspin with very little effort. Again, since I’m an 17 handicap, it was harder for me to consistently acheive this with my Cleveland wedges.

A PGA professional for 30 years, Brian Symonds has been designing and custom grinding wedges for more than a quarter century. He has provided instruction and ground wedges for tour players on all 4 professional tour organizations.

bryan symonds design wedgesOur mission at CEOgolfshop is to deliver high quality products that can be customized as gifts for corporate executives, celebrities, and those who care about the best in quality. These clubs can be customized, and personalized with a custom branded golf grip, and you can also engrave on the club face.

We recommend the prototype wedge with a custom golf grip for most tournament gifts. Players of all levels will enjoy these clubs. MSRP with a custom grip is $89. We offer them in with quantity discounts. With expenses covered, a support team can attend your tournament and custom fit players at your event.

The oil can wedge is for very low handicap and scratch golfers and for those who spare no expense for their tournament gifts.

custom golf grips
Examples of custom golf grips installed on demo club stems.


Bryan Symonds Prototype Custom Wedges in 52 56 60 degrees

Looking for a great custom golf wedge for yourself or for a special gift? Bryan Symonds wedges are a boutique brand for those who want the very best. The Symonds “Prototype wedges” are the best combination of quality and value for a custom golf club for event promotions. You wouldn’t sacrifice quality for yourself and neither will your friends.

bryan symonds prototype custom wedge

Premium performance at a mainstream price. 431 stainless steel. USGA conforming grooves. Tradition, performance, and price all rolled up in one. Available in RH 52, 56, and 60 degrees.

It makes no sense to give away a club if the recipient won’t use it. This club is beautiful and functional!

A PGA professional for 30 years, Brian Symonds has been designing and custom grinding wedges for more than a quarter century. He has provided instruction and ground wedges for tour players on all 4 professional tour organizations.

His students have won major championships and excelled at all levels of the game worldwide.
His name is synonymous with perfection.
He painstakingly watches over every critical detail that goes into the manufacture of over Symonds Design golf product. From material selection to design, to final assembly, all are under his careful watch. You can be confident that when you are purchasing a Symonds Design golf product that you’re getting the very best quality available anywhere in golf.

Symonds Design products player accomplishments include:
2 PGA Nationwide Tour wins
2 USGA Championship wins
NCAA Team National Championship
Florida State Amateur Championship
Eastern Amateur Championship
Used by Competitors in US and British Opens
Used by Competitors in US Amateur and  US Senior Amateur