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C E O Golf Shop in CA, is not CEO golf shop in Fl

C E O Golf Shop is a Sporting Goods company, located in Ventura, CA, listing has filled web directories and keeps growing, but there is no such active company on the internet, nor is the phone listing valid. To further confuse buyers, we ship from both Florida and California warehouses. Additionally, there are copycat companies that have repeatedly attempted to mislead customers into thinking they have called this company, including within a 10 mile radius of our HQ.

Schantz Inc, dba CEO golf shop , CEOgolfshop.com was incorporated in Florida in January 2001. Shortly thereafter, CEO golf shop was formed to serve our Marketing Director and VP of Marketing clients, enabling them to make purchases online as well as to have immediate access to estimated costs for budgeting purposes. Schantz Inc. marketing communication operations were gradually wound down or sold off around 2010 to focus on other endeavors, including the expansion of CEOgolfshop.com. Schantz Inc. is still a registered corporation in the state of Florida and CEOgolfshop is a the legal operating dba for the web site.  Prospective customers can visit http://www.sunbiz.org/ to verify our business.

Schantz Inc will pursue all legal avenues to prevent deception and recover monetary damages from companies that attempt through any means, including SEO tactics, to lure prospective shoppers into alternative web sites. There are some fairly easy ways to identify these other types of sites:

  • They’ll have cheap brands, not the luxury brands we sell
  • The sites will not have any information about ownership
  • Live customer service is non-existent or poor.

ceo golf shop logo

If you’re a CEOgolfshop.com customer, we appreciate your business. You can help push junk sites to the bottom by writing about us on social media sites, including pinterest, facebook, yelp, and all your other favorite online hangouts. Be sure to link to http://my.ceogolfshop.com for the online store or http://www.ceogolfshop.com for our corporate web site.

Which online golf store will you shop at?

How can you choose the best online store to shop for your golf or other lifestyle apparel needs? Here’s some tips you need to know for this and other online shopping needs.

  1. Click on the ABOUT US page. If there isn’t one, do you really want to shop with a company that won’t tell you about their business?
  2. Click on the CONTACT US page. Is there an address and phone number? I don’t know about you, but I’m not will to shop with anyone not willing to publish their address and phone number.
  3. Click on the shipping and returns page. What is the return policy? Is that acceptable to you?
  4. If you’re making a large purchase, you might also wish to verify the company is registered in the state their address is listed. Google “state name” registered corporations
  5. Is the web site an aggregator of other site product listings? This is harder to tell, but frequently these sites buy keywords and when you click through, the product you wanted isn’t there. They’re just fishing for any type of related business.
  6. If you have a particular brand you crave, choose the site or company that best can supply those needs for you and bookmark it. A customer once said, “I prefer to limit the number of people I buy from.  I can find a thousand suppliers for widgets but you’re the only one with my favorite Bugatchi shirt.”  Ask the person who with your favorite shirts to source all the other stuff  and save you time. Win-win.  When you find a gem, bookmark it!

About CEO golf shop: Founded in 2001, the Florida corporation specializes in volume orders of active lifestyle apparel and executive gifts. Embroidery and customization is optional. The CEO golf shop online store features many of the products offered for both men and women, and are available for instant purchase, with no minimum required. CEO golf shop maintains its’ own in-house inventory for many items to better serve customers with unexpected event needs.

CEOgolfshop launches mobile store for iphone

CEO golf shop launched a mobile version of the online store my.ceogolfshop.com for luxury apparel, custom golf bags and other gifts. While a few of the items do not appear in the mobile version, most notably custom golf balls, hundreds of other items are.

Optimized for iphone users, it’s easy to navigate and drill down to the type of item desired. For example, users can select mens shirts, dress shirts then short sleeve or long sleeve. After items are added to the shopping basket, checkout is completed on the standard one page web checkout. Support for additional PDA’s is expected in 2011.

CEOgolfshop.com is a privately held company headquartered in South Florida and is a qualified women-owned smalll business enterprise.   The firm sells retail and wholesale to both consumers and corporations in 8 countries.

CEO golf shirts confusion

There is another online retailer out there labeling every single product on their web site CEO golf shirts. Every item is listed in the search engines with CEO shirts or CEO golf shirts, even if the product is not a shirt! Hopefully this won’t cause any confusion and people won’t click through to their web site. I looked and there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy so I imagine you won’t either. They do not offer the high quality shirts for executives that we do, they just are advertising with the words of our web site.

I’m sure if you are an existing customer you’ll agree that our shirts are truly fitting for CEO’s. We don’t just say this, that’s who our customer base really is.

When you are searching for products or our site on the web, please realize our actual corporate name is CEOgolfshop.com. We have started some ads running CEO golf shop just so that people don’t end up at the wrong store by mistake.

Play hot, look sharp.


FINAL NOTE: Where will it all end in the world of SEO? Will companies write for their customers or will they continue trying to trick consumers into getting to their site all in the name of more eyeballs to improve web site traffic? Will Google ever find a way to stop nonsense like this?

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2. It appears the Google bots have booted the other site out of the top listing. Nothing to do with us! Looks like we’ll be back on top for one more day.

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