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Top 10 CEO gift ideas

Top 10 CEO gift ideas for 2008:

 1.  Bugatchi Uomo ribbed shirt– this modal rayon shirt is not just a favorite. CEO’s want a closet full of them because they love the fabric so much- and anyone who gives one is sure to be held in high regards.  

2. 68″ Golf umbrella as seen on Tour. All it takes is pressing the button ‘open’ and this one will not be re-gifted. The feel and touch scream quality and durability. 

3. Golf travel bag – Any CEO who golfs and doesn’t have one, wants one. The Last Bag by Club Glove is the most popular and best travel bag in the world. Surprisingly, very few CEO’s own them, which makes it all the more alluring. 

4. Personalized cartoon book by cartoonist Stu Heinecke. The first time I gave this as a gift to a CEO billionaire, I got the access I wanted and great referrals too.  ( We don’t sell this, just a great idea- see cartoonlink.com for info.)

5. The greatest gift may be nothing monetary at all. CEO’s are stewards of our communities. Is there something you can do that would help achieve the company’s mission in that role? 

Sorry, but this list will stop at 5. The other 5 could be really easy…if only we knew more about you, your budget, your objectives and those you are buying for. Call for help!

Club Glove’s Carry-On Luggage Ensemble Makes Traveling a Breeze

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (August 21, 2008) – Over the past several months, most major airlines have begun charging for checked luggage which has caused many travelers to reevaluate their packing strategies. Savvy travelers are now trying to pack lighter and more efficiently. Club Glove, the Number One travel bag on all Tours, has come up with a solution with its Carry-On Luggage Ensemble. 

Club Glove’s Carry-On Luggage Ensemble allows travelers to pack several days worth of clothing into its Carry-On or Piggy Back II bags. Airlines wish that all luggage manufacturers would size their carry-on bags the way Club Glove has. Both the Carry-On and Piggy Back II bags slip into the overhead compartments with ease and make those two to three day excursions a pleasure by eliminating additional charges and a long wait line at the baggage carousel. 

The Club Glove Shoulder Bag II and Travel Kit complete your carry-on ensemble for what the company feels is the ultimate airline carry-on set. These additions allow one to have their toiletries and/or laptop at their fingertips while the Carry-On or Piggy Back II is nestled in the overhead compartment. The Shoulder Bag II attaches to the carry-on luggage piece with a J-hook (similar to what you see airline pilots doing) which allows for a balanced load that’s easy to roll through the airport. 

“People are always surprised at how much they can fit into our carry-on pieces,” said Jeff Herold, President, West Coast Trends, Inc. “Our complete packing system including clothing organizers and travel kits makes it easy for travelers to pack lighter and more efficiently. With the cost of labor and fuel these days, if everyone does their part and packs more efficiently, it can only help our air travel system.” 

When you purchase a piece of luggage from Club Glove, you can rest assured that you’re getting a piece of luggage built with a lifetime of use in mind. With over 15 fashionable colors and several custom webbing options to choose from, we’ve got a color to fit your personality. 

All Club Glove travel bags and luggage are manufactured in the U.S.A. and constructed from Invista Cordura®. Invista Cordura is actually three times stronger than similar nylon fabrics in the market. Though considerably more expensive, it has been a key ingredient to the durability and success of the company’s products. 

Other best-in-their-class features include YKK® zippers, ITW Nexus® buckles, and single piece burst proof construction. Several pieces feature a patented high-impact plastic wheel base that cradles and shields the bottom of the bag. In-line skate wheels with bearings make it incredibly easy to roll the bags wherever you need to go. 

The Club Glove luggage line is available in clay, red, pink champagne, burgundy, navy, royal, steel blue, green, khaki, moss green, camouflage, sun gold, mocha, mocha with pink, black, black with copper trim, and charcoal with webbing options in black, copper, sun gold, pink champagne or red. The webbing is custom-made to order with a slight charge and a reasonable lead time. 

About West Coast Trends 
West Coast Trends, Inc., the American owned Huntington Beach, California-based company, designs and markets premium golf travel bags, luggage, stand bags, cart bags, club covers and accessories. These include the Club Glove Last Bag, Burst Proof with Wheels, Piggy Back II, Club Glove Carry-On, Rolling Duffles, Aficionado IV, Hot Stepper, and Stiff Arm. Nearly every Touring Golf Professional in the U.S. carries their clubs in a Club Glove travel bag.  

Club Glove, Last Bag and Scheyden are registered trademarks of West Coast Trends, Inc.

executive gifts

Lately I’ve been fielding calls for executive gift ideas. Some marketing directors are planning now which is an excellent idea. If you want a quantity of shirts in a popular color, plan on 4 month’s advance notice to be sure you can get the sizes, styles, and colors you want.

What are great gifts for CEO’s and executives?

If it’s not the right gift it will be re-gifted in minutes. During the holidays, I know some company President’s that select one item and then everything else is put into a holiday grab bag for employees.

The older the executive the more creative you need to be. If the CEO is a popular business leader, i.e. involved in the community, surely he or she will have received just about everything you can imagine, including lots of plaques and clocks. It helps to know a lot about your recipient and the best place to get that information is the executive assistant.

I’ve found two items that are still working strong. The first is the tour size Windbrella golf umbrella. Some have already received one, but maybe lost it or loaned one to a friend who didn’t return it. We’re planning a charity golf tournament now that we gave away the golf umbrella four years ago to. The committee was unanimous in getting the same umbrella because most no longer had their original. None broke, they just were lost over time. Everyone agreed it was the best umbrella they ever had and they really missed it. This is what you want- people remembering what a great gift it was, and where it came from!

The second item is a high quality shirt, which you have to give with forethought. By that, I mean you need to find out the shirt size, color, and style preferences in advance. Why buy all solid black shirts if most of them wear colorful or pinstripe shirts? What’s the risk of running out of large and having the wrong size left for someone who comes later to the registration table? Observe what your recipient wears when he’s not in the office. Take notes at the next tournament you play in, or simply look through the post- tournament pictures of what the executives you want to reach were wearing. Lastly, be careful about logo placement. Many won’t wear shirts with logos, unless it’s what I call a ‘badge of honor’ logo, such as Dan Marino’s Celebrity Golf Tournament.

If you must have a logo, then I recommend the Bugatchi polo golf shirt. If you’re willing to pass up the logo, or are OK with a subtle tonal logo on the sleeve, then I recommend the Bugatchi ribbed shirt. It’s the kind of shirt they always remember where it came from, because they love the shirt so much. Every time they wear it, they’ll feel good and associate those good feelings with your tournament or your company.

This article is no longer current. Click here to shop online for the latest Bugatchi Uomo men’s shirts.